Nail The First Date


Dating is nervous, for both men and woman. You try too hard, you fail. You don't try enough, you fail. How does anyone ever really nail a first date? There are many factors you need to consider when it comes to the first date, as well as tons of decisions. However, the perfect date can still turn out horrendous if you don't know how to nail it. Follow these tips and play it safe.

Don't get too nervous. St John's Wood escorts are use to this, they like strong, independent and confident men. I mean, of course you're going to be a tad nervous - it's a date! But take some deep breaths, be confident in yourself and have a game plan in your head. If all else fails and you start stuttering like a fool, add some humour to the situation and laugh about it. "And apparently I'm going to start stuttering?" with a chuckle! If you're hands start shaking, turn it to flattery, "You're so beautiful, you're making my hands shaky"

Look Hot! Not only is this going to, obviously be greatly beneficial to you but it's also going to give you a huge confidence boost. If you feel great, you look great and if you look great, you feel great! Walk into that date knowing you look good, but don't be a cocky bastard. No one wants to hear about all the girls drooling over you or how you are a secret metro-sexual as it took you 9 hours to get ready. Really... leave the girlie stuff to us!

Punctuality is going to immediately set the tone of the date, so don't be late. Woman like a man who can be respectful and make them feel important and being on time will immediately provide them with this feeling. If you have always been the one walking in half an hour later, than the scheduled time, just put on an act for a bit until you seal the deal. And hey! Maybe by then, you'll know how to be on time!

Ask her out! Did you enjoy your date? Don't wait for her to give you some hints. Take control! Woman like this. Let her know that you really enjoyed going out with her and would love to see her sometime soon... and actually follow through with it!

If all goes well, you'll be well onto planning your next date with this babe! As non-traditional as the world may be, resorting back to the traditional idea of a man never fails; strong, confidence yet sweet and respectful.

Dating is not difficult and stressful as we all think, it can be lots of fun and very exhilarating, you can make lots of friends along the way and you never know, you just might meet the love of your life