Naughty but Nice with a Touch of Glam


You’ve decided tonight is the night, you have booked that fantastically glamorous London escort something you have been promising yourself for a long time. Now it is time to find that special venue to go to with your companion and have that once in a life time unforgettable Saturday night out, well look no further the infamous WAM BAM Club in the heart of the city is the place to go.

No only will you be entertained, by the fascinating extravaganza of the show, consisting of an eruption of comedy, a burlesque show to die for, music and magic with beggars’ belief and a sumptuous menu of dining delights. Of course we must not forget to wash this all down with an un-matched assortment of bizarre alcoholic accompaniments. But you will also be in the company of your desired London escort a certain combination to ensure a night of unparalleled enjoyment.

The club is open from 18:00 hrs until 22:00 hrs giving you plenty of time to decide what happens next, maybe stay on at the Café de Paris complex with your gorgeous companion, or opt for a mood change and retire to a more comfortable set of surroundings , where, well just about anything could happen. The London escort of your dreams will make sure the night out lives long in the memory, making you yearn for more of the same.

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