Dating Tips from Chick Flicks

It truly sucks that females love watching these cheesy chick flicks that put the idea in their heads that all men are, or at least should be, this Matthew McConaughey type of charmer with smart chat-up lines, a fantastic sense of humour and everything else you could possibly imagine. Movies truly give them a false idea of what men are. However, chick flicks aren't all harmful to your ego, relationship and sex life. This article provides you with the ultimate dating tips that come straight from those little DVDs that you hate so much. Yes, dating tips from chick flicks. Why wasn't this thought of before?

Firstly, and most importantly chivalry surely isn't dead. Ask any woman and the thing that they mostly expect from a man is chivalry. Women love being treated with good, old fashioned respect and luckily for you, it takes next to nothing to achieve this. Open all doors for them, from the car to the restaurant, and let them walk through first. Pull the chair out for them before they sit down, and even offer to place their order for them. Think courteous and kind and you'll do just fine. How's that for a rhyme that you can live by? Or at least, should live by.

Avoid taking advice from movies where a man stalks a woman that wasn't paying attention to them. Chick flicks can sometimes give good advice, but some can also send a restraining order and court case your way. Instead of stalking a woman, dare to be different and dare to take risks. Let her know what you want and if she is reciprocating a mutual feeling then don't give up until she is yours. Persistency in moderation can pay off, but the key word of that sentence is moderation!

Chick flicks always have a male character with some mystery to him. You should leave some things to the imagination to keep the flame lit and the anticipation building. Keep her wondering about you, and wondering the right things about you. Provide enough information about you so she's not wondering if you're an escapee from jail or are hiding a dark secret. On that note, also don't spill all your beans at once and definitely don't take baggage along with you.

You may disagree, but women believe that being in touch with their feminine side can be sexy in a man. No, they don't want you painting your nails or saying phrases like "oh wow" every other word, but they do like you to take care of yourself, as they do for you, and yes, that means down below too! If you don't want to go hunting through a forest in hope of finding the treasure, then realise that they don't want to either!

That said, women spend a lot of time making themselves look good, and ultimately look good for you, so appreciate it, compliment it and take every possible opportunity to let her know that you appreciate her beauty.

Now, if you find yourself looking for more advice, don't decline the invitation to watch the latest chick flick with your girl this weekend! Take some mental notes. There's some good stuff in them, believe it or not.