How to Deal with a Jealous Girlfriend

Women in relationships who display attitudes of jealousy have most likely been the ones who have been through horrible ordeals when it comes to their relationships with men. Well maybe they should try a relationship with a Windsor escort. I'm not saying that she has the right to take out her unresolved issues with you, but it may just make you reconsider taking that second glimpse at the blonde with the long legs.

Understanding why a woman is jealous is the first stage of solving the issues that she has with you. There may be times when you come home late and she questions you even though you mentioned to her that tonight was your boys night out or if you got a call from another female sounding like a Windsor escort and she wants to know what you guys spoke about.

At first you might tell her that she looks so cute when she's angry, but jealousy is something that can turn into obsession where the other person wants to know your every move. I'm not sure about you, but I don't think Id be able to live like a prisoner because you may well come home to her searching through your personal items to see what dirt she could get on you or even searching your phone records.

If your girlfriends jealousy has reached this stage, then it is time to have a little chat. Yes, I know that chatting is the last thing that you want do, the first thing being packing her clothes and telling her to get the hell out, but if you love her and you really think that you guys can work it out then you owe it to yourself and the relationship to try to work it out.

Find out the type of family background that she has as well as what her last relationship was like. This may give you some clues as to her behaviour.

Because your girlfriend is insecure, you may need to use a lot of affirming words with her until she feels as though she can trust you.

Get her some help. If going to couples counselling or her getting one on one therapy is going to help her out, then by all means give it a chance.

Remember, no one is perfect and everyone needs some help at times, some more than others, but help none the less.