The Debt Collector

As a young single bloke wanting to lead a life I couldn't afford I had ran up debts I couldn't pay and had made the huge mistake of going to a local shark lender. He was a fierce some chap and fortunately I had always met my payments so I was hoping after six months of regular payment he would be understanding about my first ever late payment.

I waited for the knock which came promptly as usual at 6.15pm. Oh no it was the collector I least liked, he was big and sneering and looked down his nose at us lenders. I began to explain about my rent increase and car breakdown so I'd be a little late with my repayment. He pushed his way in and demanded it there and then, I was nervous and explained I just didn't have it, he said I knew from the terms he could not accept a late payment and Harry would waste no time in having me out in a wheelchair. Then the collector smiled and said he felt sorry for me and would he like me to make the payment out of his own wage. I couldn't believe my luck and thanked him profusely. Then he said wait I haven't told you my conditions yet, it will cost your butt. Excuse me? I didn't quite like the sound of this, did he really mean? I was single but wasn't gay and had no desire for another man least of all him so I couldn't possibly.

We can go to your bedroom now and I can throw you face down on your bed and fuck you in the arse and making you swallow my cum or you can eat from a tube in a wheelchair. The horror of my situation hit home, I would effectively be a rent boy for this bastard. I sobbed as I led him to my bedroom, I was frightened of it hurting me as well as the shame. Now let me make this clear he said whipping out a disclaimer, if you sign this form you give me your consent to fuck you. If you don't sign I won't touch you and I walk away leaving you for Harry's mates. I hated him, he knew I had no choice and he was covering himself in case I reported him.

Remove your clothes fuck boy and then undress me he commanded, I nervously removed my clothes and my hands shook as I took of his shirt. Your ass virginity is turning me on fuck boy, my cock is already hard for your butt. I gulped as he threw me down face first. Grunting he parted my legs, grabbing my hair telling me I smelt good and it was nice to have a clean and decent fuck boy, I wasn't Harry's usual client.

With a huge heave I howled as he entered me, robbing my ass of all sanctity. He ground himself deep inside me I swear I could feel his balls in there too. He found his rhythm and panting fucked me tearing at my back like an animal. I felt my dick harden and twitch, I was ashamed I didn't want to enjoy this, I hate this bastard, I wasn't gay and this was a dreadful experience or was it? I heard a murmur and realised it was coming from me, suddenly I was pushing back to meet his thrusts. I managed to get on all fours to strengthen my body to take a harder and deeper thrust. My face shame gave way to pleasure as this guy humped my ass. "Yes fuck me I want to be your fuck buddy", was that really me crying out.

I felt a stinging glow and felt him spank me as he thrust inwards, I was in heaven I had never been this aroused with any woman before. He reached around and pumped my cock with his hand, it was harder than it had ever been before on the next plunge I shot my load groaning aloud, my ass shuddering till my balls drained every last drop of cum I had. He pushed me back face down into my own pool of cum and I could taste my own sperm, it glided over my face like a balsam.

He flipped me over and pushing his cock which had just been plundering my gapping wide backside into my mouth. He shoved it roughly grabbing my hair and nearly choking me, my first taste of cock didn't last long before I was gagging on what seemed like a bucket load of cum. I couldn't get enough of his hot jet, I wanted to drink from this fountain all night.

Suddenly he was up and dressed saying, "there we go fuck boy that's this week's instalment covered". I had already made up my mind I'd be late paying again next week when he came knocking.