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My door bell rings and I get up to answer it. Before me stood two beautiful ladies, both with long black hair with rounded hips and the kind of perky breasts that you see in a porn video.

“Welcome ladies why don’t you come on in?” I moved out of the way so they glided past me in their mini dresses and heels. I continued, “My name is Kevin would you ladies care for something to drink?”

“Sure why not. I’m Layla and this is Ashley” Ashley wiggled her fingers when Layla called her name.

I went into the kitchen and I brought out a container with ice and a few sodas. I handed one to each of the girls and sat in the sofa. I took a sip of my drink wondering which girl I should fuck first. Layla was definitely the prettier of the two. She had smooth cooper skin, a heart shaped face with bright hazel eyes to complement her features. Ashely was more pale in complexion and her face was a bit longer than Layla’s.

I watched as the girls passed soda from one mouth to the other. Layla pulled Ashley’s dress over her head and much to my delight she was naked underneath. Layla took a piece of ice and rolled it slowly over Ashley’s nipples. I watched as the nipples came to life under the coldness of the ice and I could feel my cock coming to life as well. I take off my robe to expose my half risen cock. The longer I looked at them the longer and harder my cock stood in my hand. It was now its full 10 inches and it was looking for a pussy to fuck.

Layla had now widened Ashley’s pussy and I could see her sweet pink pussy. Layla had opened her pussy lips and was now passing the ice over her clit. I go over and kneel on the sofa in front of Ashley jocking my cock. I passed my cock along her pussy and the coldness made me shiver. I inched myself into her slowly watching the pleasure that swept over her face with each inch that made it into her. When I was finally in I just stayed there a bit astonished by the coldness on the outside but warmth that her pussy offered.

Layla removed her dress as well revealing her luscious body to me. She licked her lips before sitting next to Ashley. She kept her pussy lips open and played with her clit as I pumped my massive cock into her. She tightened her pussy every time I entered her. Damn it felt good. I grunted my pleasure. Layla positioned herself on the sofa where she was almost doing a handstand over Ashley. Her pussy was in Ashley’s face giving me full access to her ass. Layla’s lips were now teasing my cock as well as Ashley’s pussy. My fingers probed the outside of Layla’s ass hole and I knew that I had to tap that ass before they left my apartment.

I slapped Layla’s ass and she moaned loudly. She made slurping sounds as she sucked on my cock each time my cock left Ashley’s pussy. I took my cock out of Ashley’s and pushed it in Layla’s mouth you received it willingly. I interchanged between Ashley’s pussy and Layla’s mouth until I explode in Layla’s mouth. I feel the tension as she pulls every ounce of cum from my cock and licks my cock clean.

I sat on the sofa and Layla sat on my cock while Ashley sat on the ground and sucks my balls. I squeeze Layla’s breasts and bit her nipples teasingly. I sucked on her breasts loving the firmness of it. I could taste the cream that she used on her skin; it was soft just like her. I smacked her ass repeatedly loving the purr that came from her lips.

I moan deep within my throat as I feel Ashley swishing my balls in her mouth. I hold on to Layla’s hips and rock her against my cock. I leaned my head against the sofa and close my eyes as I shoot my sperm inside Layla’s tight pussy.

Layla slid off of my cock and she and Ashely slid between my legs and took turns sucking my cock. Their tongues glided over my cock as their hands stroked and held my shaft firmly. I moved them out of the way and I stood up. I placed Layla on the sofa with her legs wide open. I put Ashley to stand in front of her and I took my position behind her. I bent her over so that she could suck Layla’s pussy while I fucked her from behind.

I’m sure the noises that came from my apartment had awoken my neighbour but this was payback for the loud party that he had last weekend. The girls moaned loudly and were wiggly wildly. I knew it wasn’t long before they would climax. My thrusts were harder and deeper. My fingers dug into her ass as I pounded her. I howled as I flooded her with my cum and it wasn’t long after that the girls shrieked in pleasure throughout their own orgasms.

We fell back against the sofa panting trying to catch our breaths. After a while Layla got hold of her purse and she pulled out a dildo and I watched as Ashley squirmed and smiled.

“We were just warming up Kevin. I hope you have what it takes to keep up,” Layla said as she crawled once again over my limp cock with a sly smile on her face.