Diamonds are forever

There’s only one reason for sexual decline- old age. As much as we want to hide, deny or object it, there’s really nothing we can do. But that kind of thinking dates back to the early 90s. For the past few years, studies have shown that even men in their old age can still have great sex.

Here’s how:

Poor sex is often attributed to a poor, unhealthy physical disposition. And this is true according to a 52-year old man who has frequent escapades with a London escort. Their sessions last no more than an hour because his body feels the pressure and exhaustion of having sex. According to him, when he was younger, he would have sex with women approximately 3-4 times a day despite him being a smoker and a slacker, but back then, he didn’t give much value to his health as he was young and juvenile and could do practically everything, but soon enough, nature caught up with him and now that he’s 52, he feels as if he could’ve done better to prevent himself from having lousy, lazy sex.

Another factor as to why older men have less sex is the risk of having a heart attack while doing it. Yes, the rumours are true. Some old men are afraid of having frequent sex because of the high possibility of getting a heart attack in the middle of it. I’m sure we’ve heard stories or seen news about old men who die soon after they have sex with a younger woman, and while the conspiracy theories may be true, the only valid and acceptable reason to why such things happen, is failure of the heart, an overall health problem. So instead of having sex, older men prefer to stay at home and leave their active sex life at bay.

You see, the patterns show the same result, older men with poorer health tend to have sex less than those who show signs of stronger, healthier stamina at an old age. Considering all the factors altogether, marital status, physical health, emotional health, overall happiness and desire to have sex, older men who live a healthier lifestyle and engage in activities that make their heart stronger, last longer in bed and show more desirable results than those with poor health conditions.

Keeping your heart healthy and treating your body with respect is the key to eternal sex. No drug or method can make you last in bed if you can’t even survive going up and down your own staircase.