Dirty Hotel Maid

After one too many drinks at a business dinner conference out of town, Estelle decided that she was getting a little too friendly for business terms, and made a pit stop at the hotel bathrooms before heading up to her room to call it a night.

To her surprise as she swung the restroom door open, she found a hotel room service maid sitting up on the public sink counters, with her maid skirt pulled up, revealing her bare, sweet pussy. For what felt like hours, Estelle stood there, staring right at the maid's bare pussy. She couldn't help but notice the sweet juice that was glistening in the light from her pussy. Estelle's eyes slowly moved up the maid's body and met with hers.

"Working overtime?" Estelle joked in her tipsy state. "You should really get cleaned up before your boss finds out, but don't worry" she giggled, "I won't tell." Estelle sent a flirty smirk and wink over in the maid's direction as she headed to a cubicle.

"Would you mind helping me?" the maid asked.

Estelle slowly looked over at what was about to be her toy for the night. She found the maid heading towards the bathroom door in order to lock it.

"Firstly, let's get you out of these clothes."

The maid immediately obliged as she began to unbutton her blouse, allowing her uniform to slide down her body and drop on the floor.

As Estelle stood there gazing at this beautiful young maid's luscious body, she began to remove her own stockings, gently rolling them down her legs, stepping out of her high heels and letting her pencil skirt and white blouse move down her tight body, finally, too, resting on the floor.

"Let's clean you up" she said to the maid as she knelt down in front of her. Estelle's face was right in front of the maid's dirty pussy. She was so close that she could smell the juices that were seeping out of her.

Estelle slid her womanly hand up the young maid's soft, silky leg, gripping one of her ass cheeks and spreading her wide as she slowly took the first taste of this sweet girl's pussy. The maid moaned as Estelle licked her swollen clit. Estelle began to move her fingers down the maid's crack, moving down to her soaking wet pussy hole. She teasingly circled her craving pussy with her fingers as the maid moaned louder with ever lick.

She then took her two fingers and thrust them deep into the maid's pussy as she licked fiercely, tasting every drop. The maid cried out with complete ecstasy as her pussy began to throb hard on Estelle's fingers, pulsating as she poured out an explosive amount of sweet cum. Estelle moved her tongue down to the maid's pussy, gathering every last drop that she had to offer.

As the maid squirmed and moaned in complete pleasure and satisfaction, Estelle stood back up and met face to face with the maid. She cupped the maid's face in her hands as she slowly placed her lips on the maid's, kissing her long, hard and passionately.

"I think we may have just made you even more dirty!" Estelle said with a little smirk as she looked at the maid and then started to slowly dress herself.