Distinguishing the Flirts from the Nice Girls

Most guys have a problem detecting which girls are flirts and which of them are just too nice. This situation usually puts men in an awkward position. They know that they can't trust their instincts well. This is apparently because their radar for booty calls is too old fashioned and needs rebooting. However, when confronted with an impromptu situation such as this, there's no time to hibernate and update. You're better off at trying to profile them well and maybe try to test the waters for the right signs. There are signals that women can give off which will indicate that they are flirting with you. It all boils down to how you read and interpret those gestures whether they are flirtations from a hot Busty escort that you are willingly encouraging to spend the night with.

When women introduce themselves and describe themselves casually, you know that they are up to something. You can distinguish this from the nice girl who pops out of nowhere and introduces herself with reference to the place you are in. For example, if she says that she's the receptionist, waitress, attendant, or PR of a place you just came into, most likely she's on duty. Even if you do notice that she goes the extra mile just to help you out with something you don't need help with, she's just being nice. However, if the reference is more personal, then you know that she's in to you. In that case, strike up a conversation right away and don't be too perverted with your topic. Flirt back at her!

Moreover, when a girl asks you out, you better be quick in identifying for what purpose. The flirts will always have plain, blank responses that they find you attractive and want to spend the night with you. When a date does manifest, that is when you should be able to spot signals that she wants to be in bed with you. On the other hand, if the girl you're talking to asks you out as a favour, don't even bother entertaining kinky thoughts. Although you might be able to turn a nice girl bad, don't risk things becoming awkward. Maybe she's just after the company, or doing you a favour because you're alone.

Lastly, don't think that just because she dresses sexy around you that she's flirting with you. This has got to be the worst trap guys fall for. They think that women owe it to them to dress all skimpy and sexy. They're just dressing normally without anything special in mind, which includes you. Example, when you see a hot chick all dressed up, don't immediately come in to flirt. For all you know, she might just be a busty escort in London looking for her date for the night. Although not all women who dress up are escorts, you might just be assuming one as an escort even if she's not. The bottom line here is to let go of your prejudices about wardrobe and its automatic correlation with sex.