The Divorce Party

Lance Cooper had just gotten a divorce and his friends were throwing him a divorce party. They insisted that he got laid by a young escort since the last time he had sex was about six months ago. They were worried that because he had been married for so long that he needed someone to get him back in the game.

I was dressed in the short skirt and a short button top that exposed my slim waist. I knocked on the door and I could already hear that a party was in full swing. An older gentleman looking around mid-forties answered the door. I introduced myself and so did he. His name was Tim. He was the one who called to make the reservation for the young escort. Rules about the engagement were set before and he wanted someone who wouldn’t mind having sex with multiple persons. They all needed a little action in their lives since their wives seemed to suck the fun right out of sex.

There was a stereo system playing music which two men bopped to while playing cards around a table. The room smelled of beer and cigar smoke.

“This is Joe, “Tim said. Joe stood up and extended his hand to me which I shook and smiled.

“And this is the man of the hour. This is Lance.” Lance also stood up and shook my hand. Even though these men were way older than I was, based on their firm hand-shakes and physique I could tell that these men worked out. I couldn’t wait to satisfy these men in ways their wives never could.

“Hi fellas it’s nice to meet you all,” I smiled politely. Tim offered me a beer but I declined.

I took the centre stage and began to move my body to the music. The men stopped their game and turned their chairs to face me. I walked seductively between each chair and stroked each man on their faces, arms and necks. They looked at me with a hunger in their eyes. I stood in front of Lance and I slowly undid the buttons of my top. His gaze left my face and his eyes took in my firm attractive breasts.

I bent one knee and nudged his legs open until my knee was touching the crutch of his pants. I glided my nipple sensually across his lips. I then edged open his lips inviting him to take my breast in his mouth. His mouth was cold from the beers that he drank earlier and I shuddered. I took his hands and placed them under my skirt and encouraged him to squeeze my ass.

As his hands became familiar with my ass I locked my hands around his neck and arched my back pushing my breast further into his mouth. I moaned as he caressed my ass and tugged at my breast. I could feel his erection growing through the fabric of his pants. I rubbed my knee gently against him and he moaned into my breasts.

I slid between his legs and removed his erection from its enclosure. His 8 inch cock sprung out ready for action. I placed my lips over the tip of is cock and I pumped his shaft with one hand while playing with his balls in the next.

“Get up there pretty lady,” Tim’s voice sounded hoarse.

I lifted my ass to his exposed cock. It wasn’t long before his fingers were inside me preparing me for his cock. He used one hand to fuck me while the other hand explored my curves. Tim’s cock entered my now dripping pussy and I moaned with pleasure as he slid into me. He held on to my waist and fucked me hard as I continued to work on Lance’s cock.

After a few minutes Tim pulled out and Joe entered my pussy. Joe was slightly bigger than Tim and I moaned loudly as he slammed into me, his balls hitting clit. I changed positions once more and I slid onto Lance’s cock moving my waist while takin turns pleasing Tim and Joe. Lance’s fingers groped my beasts and tugged my nipples hard. The smell of beers and cigars no longer lingered in the room. The air was now filled with sweat and sex.

Tim led us to the large sofa where he lay down and I jumped on top of his cock. Lance came behind me and placed two fingers into my ass. I bucked back into his fingers anticipating his cock filling my ass. I felt the tip of his cock teasing my ass, taunting me. He slowly pushed his cock into me and the three of us found a new rhythm. Joe stood close where I was able to suck his cock while being fucked.

Moans, grunts, screams filled the air as one by one we each climaxed from the pleasure that we had just received. My ass and pussy was filled with cum and I had drained Joe’s cock completely. As I stood up I looked at the satisfaction on each man’s face. I asked where the bathroom was and I took up my things went to get tidied up.

Much to my surprise there was a little basket with creams and shower gels and a note from the guys thanking me for my services. There was also a towel folded under the basket. I took my time getting cleaned up as I had another client to meet in two hours. I walked out about twenty minutes and the men were sitting around the table laughing and drinking their beers once again.

Each man stood as I approached. They kissed me gently on my hand and I curtsied smiling.

Lance said, “Thank you for a wonderful divorce party.” He looked around at the guys, “Maybe you other guys should get a divorce so I can throw you a party.” They laughed heartily. Tim escorted me out and as I walked away I smiled as once again I had another satisfied customer.