Dixi Is a Bad Girl


Dixi is one of those girls who love to bring toys to the bedroom. One of her regulars always buys her a new one each time they meet, and they would bring it into the bedroom with them. Her enthusiasm for toys isn't to be misunderstood. Although Dixi loved having a big dildo slam her hole, nothing could ever compare to the feeling and warmth that comes from a hard cock slamming her little hole.

As she walked up to the front door of her client's home, she saw a little goodie bag waiting for her outside. Excited, she reached down and picked up the bag, eager to see what kind of toys they would be putting into use this time. Dixi let herself into her client's home, and was greeted by him in the front entry way.

"I see you got my gift." He said, motioning to the bag.

"Can't wait to see what is inside." Dixi responded.

The two walked to the living room where they sat on the couch to reveal the toys hidden in the goodie bag. It was filled with a small finger-size vibrator that could clip to a variety of body places. He picked it up and clamped it on one of Dixi's nipples, as he reached down and slowly sucked and licked the other. Within seconds, her tits were hard and her knickers were wet. This client always knew what to do to get her pussy ready for his huge dick. He circled his tongue around her nipple, underneath her breast and back up again, only to slowly suck for a short period of time and do it again. Dixi began to melt in her panties and leaned back on the couch. She placed her hands on his head and moved his tongue down to her wet knickers. They were soaking, and Dixi just wanted to rip them off and give him a taste, but he had other plans.

Her client spread her legs and began to slowly kiss the inner of her thighs. He licked the sides of her panties and glided his tongue down the middle, making Dixi squirm instantly. Her knickers were so wet, he could taste her cum through them, and the anticipation was driving Dixi crazy. She was so turned on that she began to beg her client to fuck her. She begged him to pull of her panties and suck on her clit. She begged him to have her... In any way that he desired.

After a couple minutes of Dixi begging like a pathetic escort, her client was ready to dominate her submissive pussy. He knew what he was doing the entire time he was teasing her. He was breaking her down, preparing her to become the little slag that she was. He slowly pulled her knickers off, down and over her hips, over her legs and glided them off of her feet. He slowly placed his warm tongue on her craving pussy. The stoked and rhythms of his tongue immediately made Dixi squirm, begging him to fuck her again. Her little hole was flooding with cum and the dipping, sucking and licking of his tongue on her pussy was making her squirm. She curled her toes as he stuck his tongue in her pussy and let out a loud scream and orgasm. His tongue was rushed with the sweet taste of her little pussy.

"Now, you can have my dick." Her client said. He pulled another toy from the bag, revealing a G-Spot stimulator. He inserted it into her little pussy and began to thrust it in and out of her.

Her pussy lips clamped tightly on the toy as she squirted instantly all over the toy. Her client's hands were soaked with her cum.

"Did I say you could cum?" He said sternly. "Suck your cum off of my hand!" He said as he grabbed the back of Dixi's head and shoved his fingers into her throat. He reached so far inside of her mouth that she choked. This only got him more excited.

Dixi did what was demanded of her, and sucked every last drop of her squirting cum off of her client's hand.

"Good girl!" Her client said. "Now, what else can we torture your pussy with?" He said as he reached down for the goodie bag once again. By this time, Dixi was exhausted and her pussy was feeling so sensitive. She needed to give her pussy a break, but her client wasn't about to let that happen. The redness of her worn out pussy only made his dick harder. He was having his way with Dixi and nothing would stop him. She was his slag, and she was to do what he wanted. He would make sure of it.

The next toy that Dixi's client revealed was a big vibrator. Dixi's legs were shut and he shouted for her to open them.

"I need to rest for a bit. Let me get you off." She insisted. Wrong answer! Her client immediately grabbed the thighs of her legs and slammed the big vibrating dildo into her sore pussy.

"Did you not hear me? You are my slag, and you will do as I say. I don't care if you're hurting."

Despite his strict tone, he was rather gentle with this toy. He started off very slow and gentle and began to thrust the toy inside of her harder, faster and deeper. Dixi didn't have a choice. She was about to reach climax once again.

"Oh, you like that, huh?" He asked. "Open your eyes and look at me." Her client demanded.

Dixi complied and opened her eyes and looked up at her master. He didn't stop thrusting the toy inside of her - Not for one second. Dixie began to close her eyes are she reached her peak, and he demanded again, for her to look at him.

"I want to see the look in your eyes when you cum." He said. Within seconds, Dixi was unleashing another fresh load of cum as her master watched her face, reactions, shakes and trembles. He bites his lip and moaned with her as she covered the exterior of the dildo once again.

Dixi lay on the couch completely breathless. Her pussy was sore and beaten. Her eyes were closed as she tried to catch her breath, but before she could, her client was grabbed her face and shoving his dick in her mouth. Dixi began to choke on the unexpected entry of his dick in her throat, and he moaned each time.

"Look up at me, slag." He said. Dixi's eyes were watering from gagging on his large dick. "Ooh, are you crying, you whore?" He said, "Mmm. Cry you little slut." Her client thrust harder into her throat, making tears fall from her eyes and down her cheeks. With one last thrust, her client threw his cock far in her throat, filling it with his warm cum. Dixi tried to remove his dick from her mouth but he quickly thrusted himself back inside of her once again. She gagged from the taste and the fullness in her throat. This made her client quiver with pleasure. Every last drop was inside of her throat, and as he removed his dick from her mouth, leaving a trail of cum from the tip of his head that connected to her tongue, he looked down at her and said,

"Good girl."


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