Dos and Don’ts for Every Guy in the Club

You don't go to the club that often? Yeah, that's normal for most men. But for today's alpha male, it's inevitable to get invites to the hottest parties at local nightspots. While most of us would either prefer to stay home and watch a game or drink with our buddies at a local pub, when someone puts you on the guest list, there's no other decision to make but to go especially when you know you'll be surrounded by young and beautiful London escorts. But before you head out, take good note of these pointers.

Wear your best dress shirt. Skip the ironic t-shirt and go for your best button-up shirt. Doesn't matter if it the most expensive thing in your closet, what's important is that you look great in it.

Avoid wearing all-white anything. Just picked up your new pearl-white Stan Smith trainers? Keep them in your shoe rack, unless you want to look like a public bathroom tile.

Stick to the dress code. This one's more important than the two above. It's definitely more embarrassing if bouncers won't let you in, right?

Keep your wallet in check. You need not have P. Diddy money to enjoy the night. But make sure that you have enough for the cab ride home.

Early birds are a no-go. Sure, some clubs have those get in for free before 10pm promos, but who goes in when the bar crew just finished cleaning the Martini glasses?

Order like a real man. If you consider yourself a respectable straight man, you only order the strongest drinks at the bar. Scotch on the rocks, a glass of whiskey or the usual bottle of beer is acceptable. Order a Margarita, and you put yourself in the "under consideration" bracket!

Keep in mind "The Gentlemen's Code". More than any other place, the club is one spot that truly separates real men from the other species. With the swarm of ladies of different shapes and sizes at the club, it is time for you to roll like a true gentleman.

Don't step on anybody. Take this one both literally and figuratively. You hit on a girl with her man around, and you're out of bounds, my man.

No fighting. Always keep in mind the very reason you came to party. Don't let any fool ruin your night. Dance and step your babe-magnet game up!

Come home in one piece. The name of the game is "last man standing". It is important to make sure that, no matter how the party goes, you end up standing on both feet and with a crystal-clear memory of an awesome night you'll remember.