The Dos of having an Escort

It’s a free world and most of us are free people. We do what we want and for many, the pleasures of an escort can be a good way to break the monotony of nights out with guys or movies in at home alone. Spending your hard earned money on a worthy company can really be helpful at times and can also help to ease the burden of loneliness. However, there are a few things you may need to note if you are a first timer or anyone else for that matter when it comes to spending time with escorts.



Just like any other person out there and just like you, escorts have feelings and they deserve your respect. Treat her right and she will give you that back. Mind your language and speak to her politely.


Visit the respective website and go to her profile. Go through any details that might help give both of you a smooth time during the date. Chat to her beforehand to make sure that you know any restrictions and adhere to them during your meeting, as you can do with most escorts.

Clean up

Take a shower before your meeting. Trim your nails, have a shave and smell nice. Simply prepare for it like any other date. This shows interest in the lady and also shows them that you respect yourself and consider others around you, which will easily win you her respect. Also, remember to tidy up your home if she is coming over to your place.


Ask her if she has any allergies if you have pets, so as not to have any problems on her arrival. If you are the only smoker, check she is okay with cigarette smoke and if aiming to create a romantic environment for both of you, make sure she’s not sneezing away if you have any scented candles lit!