The Double Glazing Guy

Hayley had been feeling pretty inconvenienced by the fact that her landlord had arranged to have the windows in the house she was renting double glazed, that was until she saw the guy who was installing it! He was tanned, dark haired and muscular and all of a sudden the sight of him made all the early mornings worthwhile! He and his workmate were going to be there for a week and it was now their third day there and Hayley had been busying herself making them tea. She had the week off work and had plenty of time to chat away to them and admire Gary, the one she had her eye on, whilst she was pottering around the house, and they had built up quite a rapport, chatting and bantering each day. The following afternoon, Gary arrived on his own and as Hayley went off to make him a cup of tea, she asked him where his workmate was. He's at another job this morning Gary explained. Don't really need him all day so he's not coming back until this afternoon. Hayley felt her heart start beating excitedly. She had wanted to make a move on him and this just might be the perfect time to do it. She gave him his tea and went off to have a shower, coming back in the room in full view of Gary with only a small towel covering her modesty. She picked up her cup of coffee and noticed Gary was staring at her from the ladder outside. She walked over to the window and slowly dropped the towel, watching the look on Gary's face change from shocked and surprised to one of pleasure. He jumped down from his ladder and opened the French doors leading into where Hayley was standing. Without saying a word he grabbed Hayley and started kissing her. Hayley's heart was going quick time by this point and she couldn't believe what was happening. He then bent down and put his mouth around Hayley's breasts, kissing, gently biting and sucking them, causing Hayley to feel fit to burst. She pulled his jeans off and grabbed hold of his pulsing erection and at that moment, Gary put Hayley on to the floor, spread her legs apart and proceeded to fuck the ass off her! After he had cum, he looked at her and said "I know you've been wanting that all week, and in a few minutes time I'm gonna give it to you again!" and true to his word, He spent the whole of his working morning fucking Hayley! When his workmate arrived back that afternoon, Hayley was still in a daze, still hardly believing what had taken place that morning and Gary - well he acted exactly the same as he had done before with Hayley and never said a word to his mate. After the house was finished, that was that and Hayley never saw Gary again, but every time she cleaned the windows, she would smile to herself remembering the fun she had that day.