Dress and Heels

Sierra was meeting with a date who was a regular. He always had a thing for women who wore heels and a dress, and Sierra knew that this was something that she had yet to do for this particular date of hers. So on one particular night when Sierra arranged for her date to come to her place once he was done work, she left the front door unlocked and headed upstairs to prepare to give her date the best experience of his wildest fantasies.

Sierra pulled out her sexiest dress from the closet. It was a black cocktail dress, equipped with sparkles and glam that made her appear like a movie star. She pulled her highest high heel stilettos from the shoe rack and decided to skip out on knickers and a bra. She slid her sleek, slim body into her dress and stopped for a moment to gaze at how stunning the dress made her breasts. They popped right out and she knew it would immediately get her date excited. She slid her smooth, soft feet into her stilettos and let her hair fall down from her bun. It was wavy and messy and gave Sierra that sex kitten appearance. She spritzes some shimmering edible body moisturizer over her body, applying generously on her breasts and pussy. As the clock grew closer, she climbed onto her bed and laid on her side, waiting for her date to enter to room.

She heard her alarm system beep which signified her date's entry into her home. She fiddled with her breasts, plumping them up, as she waits for him to walk into her bedroom door. It quickly peeped open and her date stood there in his boxers, astonished. Sierra always knew about his little fantasy but had yet to give him an experience that would leave him breathless... Which exactly what happened.

As her date continued to stand there, admiring her sexiness, Sierra arched her back and sat up on her bed. She moved her bottom to the side of her bed and opened her legs wide as she motioned for her date to come closer. He complied without a word. As he stood in between her legs, Sierra reached up and placed her hands on the sides of his face. She placed her warm, soft lips on his as she pulled him closer. She fell back onto the bed, allowing her date to climb up on top of her. She could feel his bulging cock through his boxers as they kissed passionately.

"You're so sexy," Her date said.

"Shhh, baby," She replied, "Have me."

Sierra slid her hand down to his and moved them to the insides of her thighs. He could feel the warmth coming from her pussy. As he slid his hand closer to her wet hole, he looked pleasantly surprised.

"No knickers?" He said with a cocky grin. Sierra replied with a moan as he slid his finger into her little pussy.

He used his open hand to slide her skin-tight dress up over her hips and brought his body closer to hers. She could feel his throbbing cock getting harder against her pussy and she couldn't wait any longer. She needed to feel him inside of her. With one hand, she slid his boxers off of his hips, allowing them to drop to the ground as she bent her knees and opened her legs wider. She grabbed his ragging hard cock and placed the tip of his head on her pussy which he was still fingering. As he slid his finger from her pussy, a trail of cum followed. Sierra was dripping wet and used her juice to lubricate the tip of his head.

As she angled his tip right on her pussy, she looked up in his eyes as he slowly penetrated her pussy hole. Her breath shuddered from the mere size of his shaft stretching her pussy. Her date leaned in and placed his lips on her neck as he began to suck, lick and kiss her harder. He pulled down the top of her dress, allowing her perky little tits to meet the chilly air. Her nipples were erect and inviting as he trailed his tongue down to her breasts, circling it around her nipples as he began to thrust inside of her.

Sierra placed one hand on the back of his head as she watched him make out with her tits and pump his dick inside of her. It felt so good, she could have cum right then but she reminded herself that this was his fantasy. She lifted her feet and dug her heels into the small of his back, pulled his dick into her harder. His tongue trailed back up to her lips as he wrapped his hand around her neck.

"You little slut," He said as he kissed her harder and gripped her neck tougher.

Without moving his hand from her neck, Sierra's date began to thrust inside of her faster, yet softly.

"Fuck me," Sierra demanded.

"Not tonight," He replied as he continued to slide his ragging dick inside of her, teasing her with every soft thrust.

He suddenly began to fuck her deeper, allowing his dick to reach the end of her pussy. Sierra squealed from the pleasure of his dick filled every inch of her. It was unbearable as she arched her back in complete delight.

"I'm cumming," Her date said.

Sierra thought to herself that it was perfect timing because she couldn't hold herself back any longer. He gave her little hole a few more long, deep thrusts before slamming it far into her, shooting a fresh load of white cum inside of her. Sierra's pussy clamped tightly on his dick as she quivered in total ecstasy. Her date didn't stop pumping her pussy until every last bit of him was inside her soaking wet pussy, and when he did pull it out, his shaft was covered with her pussy juice.

"Let me clean you up," Sierra said as she opened her mouth wide, eager to taste her own pussy and suck his dick clean.