Driver Escort Agencies Big Rip Off

Advertising is an extremely powerful medium, more so today with the openness of the internet and the lack of honesty portrayed. Glitzy advertising with the promise of a bargain or the best deal of your life cannot always be believed. It is a very subtle way of attracting prospective clients into taking the bait and plunging in head first. Cleverly worded advertising campaigns, dangling the carrot of a promise to deliver an incredible London escorts service, usually with a caveat of no strings attached should start to sound the alarm bells ringing in the readers head. There is no such thing as a free lunch, especially today with a full blown, double dip recession looming on the horizon. Spare money is at a premium and everyone wants a slice of the action.

Every businessman is looking for that special customer, that comfortably self sufficient client who is willing to pay cash, no questions asked, for that special service. Well gents and for that matter ladies, be very aware that there are many imposters out there who are looking to take you for a ride, promising the world and delivering a mere grain of sand, not the original special offer you thought you were getting. A sub-standard service at, in very many cases, inflated prices, so it is a case of what you see is almost certainly NOT what you get.

So, I hear you say, where is this muttering going to take us? Those London escorts agencies again. Don't be taken in by the promise of a stunning, beautiful escort in London, who will be your delightful companion for a bargain basement special fee of £90, £99 or even £100. They do not exist, and if they do, well need I say more! You get what you pay for today and some of the fees quoted would only attract clients who possibly reside in a cardboard city, just around the corner from the agencies offices, thus reducing the London escorts agencies overheads. If you do not believe me then test out the theory, especially on those so called premier London number one Escort agencies. Give them a call and quote your postcode to their telephonists. I will virtually guarantee that the fee advertised is not the quoted fee you will be expected to pay, accompanied by some lame excuse justifying the reason that particular fee cannot be matched.

OK, most Internet advertisers will apply the theory of offering you a juicy price to get you engaged with their company and in some cases you may achieve a result and actually receive the service at the quoted price, but, will you get what you expected or an alternative replacement, which most definitely will not be up to the same or dare I say, even similar offering? You get what you pay for, a bottom of the range model with extremely high mileage, which is bound to disappoint and fail very quickly.

You work hard, and as a consequence you want to play hard, there is however a catch. You as a discerning client want that something different, glamorous and most certainly stunning, to enjoy as a companion, a very special escort in London. In order to enable this set of criteria to be matched, you need to identify a reliable. trustworthy and economically viable agency to provide your ideal girl at what you consider to be an attractive fee, with a guaranteed quotation for whatever postal area of London you quote.

There is a light at the end of the tunnel through the deep void of the Internet. A specialist London premier and may I add, most probably number one London escorts agency, can and will meet your needs and provide a perfect companion at a guaranteed fee with no extra charges and most definitely promise that the stunner you request will arrive. This is not a dream or a fairy tale, this company with its many years of experience, its no compromise attitude and flawless reputation, will deliver an extraordinary, reliable and trusted service to is prestigious clientele, If in doubt test us out - Diamond Escorts. If you are fed up with the rest, then try the best.