A Duo Encounter with Tracy

As usual we arrive on time. We fluffed each other’s hair and adjusted clothing to make sure that we were perfect before we knocked on the hotel door. We escorts take good care of each other just as we take good care of our clients. My heart was pounding and I smiled broadly as I heard the door unlock. It wasn’t my first time out with other escorts but I always felt that twang of excitement when meeting a client for the first time.

“Hi ladies so glad that you can make it on such short notice.”

He had a rugged mountain man look. His facial hair was well groomed. His gorgeous blue eyes stood out against his deep tan. His next words brought my back to the present, “I have a few fruits here if you ladies would like something to munch on while I freshen up a bit.”

We follow him to another room and on a platter there are grapes and strawberries covered with chocolate. He leaves and Tracy and I remove our coats leaving nothing but our lingerie on. I take the platter and find a clear space on the ground. Tracy and I take turns feeding each other. I move into her and press my lips against hers, licking some chocolate that was on them.

“Hmmmmm….I see you ladies started before me.”

Tracy and I turned towards the voice. Muscles of a God and the cock of a Titan. Tracy and I giggled. We moved to stand, “Don’t worry about it, and carry on. Let me see you lovely ladies get down on each other.”

I pushed Tracy down gently on the carpet and ran my body full length against hers. I nibbled on her earlobe as she ran her fingers through my hair. I trail my kisses from her earlobe to her neck. I pushed my hand inside her lingerie and pulled it down revealing her breasts. I caress her breast before taking her pink nipple between my fingers. She pushed her breast against my hand urging me on.

When her nipple was hard I placed my mouth over it. My tongue circled her nipple slowly as I squeezed her breast pushing more of it in my mouth. I removed the straps of her lingerie exposing both her breasts. After playing with them a bit I venture further down her body. I got to her pussy and smiled. The lingerie we had on was crotchless making our pussies easily accessible. Her pink pussy was well shaven with a little star tattooed above it.

I kneel before her with my ass in the air and I taste her. I open her pussy lips and flick my tongue up and down the length of her. I watch as her juices slowly ooze out her pussy. I stick my tongue inside her warmth and fuck her slowly before adding my finger to the mix. My eyes glance across the room to our client whose eyes were fixed on our every move. I motioned with my head for him to take me from behind.

I open my legs a bit as he positions himself behind me. I inhale as he pushes his huge cock into me. I rock back against him adjusting him making myself comfortable. He grabs my ass and begins to pound his cock into me. I slowly begin to move over Tracy and he followed without breaking the rhythm.

I kissed Tracy and fondled her breasts as he took turns pushing his cock in my pussy then hers. I moaned every time his cock entered me. I stroked Tracy’s now wet body pleasing her with hands. She groaned and moved her body under my own, rubbing her pussy against me. When he pulled out of me I rolled over placing Tracy on top.

“Suck my pussy,” I whispered in her ear.

She smiled at me and snaked down my body until my pussy was in her mouth. I propped my feet on her shoulders and opened my knees wide. I rubbed my clit quickly and she fucked me with her fingers. I gyrated against her mouth uncontrollably. She gripped my ass trying to keep me in position. I waited until the client reached his climax before I reached mine and so did Tracy.

We changed position and I got on top of his cock while Tracy planted her pussy on his face. I told her to turn around so I could play with her breasts while I bounced on his cock. Tracy and I kissed and pleasured each other while his hands, cock and tongue pleasured us.

The room grew hot but none of us seemed to care. Our bodies were now just tangled body parts enjoying each other’s company. Exploring, probing, seeking and making those sexual connections that other people are afraid to make. We figure out what felt good and what didn’t feel good to him and he did the same with us. We climaxed once more then Tracy and I decided to end our session sharing his cock in our mouths.

We put him to sit in one of the chairs. We stood next to the chair and bent over his cock giving him access to our pussies as we sucked his cock and his balls. He smacked us playfully before he fingered our asses and our pussies as we pleased him until he was on such a high that he wasn’t able to focus on pleasing him. When his cum squirted out his cock we licked it up together before sharing another passionate kiss.

He enjoyed our company so much that night now we meet at least once a week. We have fucked in hotels, at his office and even in his car. He treats us like queens and we enjoy his company even more so when he showers us with trinkets. I live my life to please myself and of course my clients. So if you’re ever lonely don’t hesitate to make that call.