An Office Encounter


I walked out of the elevator and I walked straight pass his secretary. I smile and nod and she nods back. Mr. Edwards was a regular of mine. We would usually meet at a hotel but on rare occasions such as these we meet at his office.

I knocked on the door and waited for his familiar voice on the other side, “Come in.”

He was chatting on the phone so I made my way quietly to his desk and sat one of the chairs facing him. He used his finger to call me over. I placed my purse on the chair and moved towards him. He pushed his chair away from the table and he pulled me to him.

He leaned me over the table and pushed my skirt over my ass. I looked over my shoulder as he caressed my ass as he chatted on the phone. He slid his fingers between my thighs and passed one finger along my slit. I bit my lips as his fingers slid between my pussy lips exploring my pink paradise. I could feel my juices leaking and I moaned in my throat careful that it didn’t escape my lips,

“No hunni if Jenny wants to do the gymnastics sure she can,” Mr Edwards winked at me, “anything my little girl wants she could have.” I thought and anything daddy wants he could get as well. My body shuddered as his fingers found their way into my pussy. He fucked me slowly with his fingers, rubbing his fingers together as it dripped with my juices. He pulled out his finger and rubbed my clit in circular motions. As Mr. Edwards continued his conversation on the phone he rubbed, patted and stroked my ass and pussy.

He finally said good bye to his wife and turned his full attention to me.

“Turn that pussy to me,” he said huskily.

I turned around and he hoisted me on top his desk. He pulled his chair closer to his desk and ran his tongue along my pussy lips. He pumped his fingers into me and my body feel into a natural rhythm with his fingers. He opened my legs wider as once again his tongue was tickling my clit and his fingers fucked my pussy.

His thumb pressed against my anal hole and grunted with pleasure. I wiggled underneath him as I knew that next his finger would be in my ass. He intensified the pressure against my clit and my anal hole. Sensations were rushing through my entire body and I was on the brink of climax. As if he was sensing this Mr Edwards stood and dropped his pants. Once again I was draped over the table with my ass facing him. He took me from back while struggling with my top to grope at my breasts. I lifted my top quickly over my head and we quickly unhooked my bra allowing my breasts to be exposed and used in whatever way he chose.

He pulled out and sat and I knew that was my cue to get on my knees and suck his cock. I really didn’t mind since blowjobs were sort of my fetish. I guess being a redheaded escort wasn’t so bad after all since I am also able to improve my technique to please my clients. Just the idea of a guy’s cock filling my mouth is enough to wet my panties. For me this brought a sense of control which I also love so it works hand in hand for me. Some guys cum is sort of runny and not the best but Mr. Edwards was a keeper. Just the thought of his cum on lips made me quiver.

I ran my hands over his long, thick shaft with one hand while the other played with his balls. I lick my lips before I lick the tip of his cock lightly. I feel it wiggle in my hands as though it had a life of its own. I used my lips and tug just the tip of his cock and this time it stiffens. I graze my fingernails against his thigh and his muscles constricted.

I make slurping noises and moan loudly as I work with my hands to satisfy Mr. Edwards. I switch between my lips and my hands as well as my speed and pressure on his cock. Even though is cock was quite impressive I couldn’t help but feel that every time my lips engulfed his cock that it grew at least two inches in length. I deep throated him like a pro; his cock filling my mouth perfectly as it grazed the back of my throat.

He held on to my hair as I moved from his cock to his balls. I tickled the underside of his cock and I felt his entire body stiffen. His hands run through my hair caressing my scalp. I use my fingernails along him and he groans loudly. I place his balls in my mouth and swish them around with my tongue.

“Good God,” he said almost inaudibly. His hips were moving uncontrollably and I knew that he was close to going over the edge. I pushed my mouth deeper onto his cock anxious and excited to feel the hotness of his cum slid down my throat. He groaned loudly, uncontrollably even, as he spasmed , and like the good redheaded escort that I am, I drank it all in ensuring nothing escapes my hungry lips.

My eyes look up at him and his head was leaned back against his chair with his eyes closed, his mouth slightly open. His breath was shallow, almost a pant. I stood up slowly after ensure that I had cleaned Mr Edwards.

“Is there anything else you would like me to do for you, sir?” I smile knowing that I was able to accomplish what I came to do and that was to please Mr. Edwards.

“No that will be all,” Mr Edwards said as he searched his draw and handed me an envelope. I fix my clothing and walk out his office as though I just had the most important meeting with the CEO of the company.

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