The Audition in Hatton Cross


Sue had answered a small ad in the Evening Standard and begged me to go with her; hence this is why on a warm July evening we made our way across town on the Piccadilly Line to Hatton Cross. Sue was very sketchy about what it entailed she just said it was for extra's in small private films. We were to be met by a chap called Trevor and driven to the location. When she out it like that it sounded quite exotic, I imagined being driven off to Pinewood etc.

We quickly established Trevor and got into his car which I was a little disappointed with, it didn't quite fit in with the image I had built up of a huge limo etc. We were only driven a few streets away so this was getting more and more disappointing by the minute. Trevor pointed out a huge house; although tatty I imagined it very grand inside and felt a bit more positive again. Sue was very quiet in the car and said I have to confess, although I haven't lied to you I've not told you what genre of filming this is. I demanded to know what was going on. She said nothing awful but there maybe some adult scenes and she was actually very experienced in this type of filming.

Once inside it became apparent very quickly every scene was adult, most actors and even some of the crew were naked. I panicked but Sue assured me it was all fine and after all I didn't have to do anything it was her audition. Off she dived into a cubicle as instructed and removed her clothing whilst I sat outside waiting. When she emerged I was shocked as I had never seen a 'naked' Sue, She was completely devoid of any body hair and had her outer labia pierced. She looked so beautiful, all her womanhood on display, her lips so perfect - puffy and pink, the slight view of her inner labia like a little tongue peeking out.

At that moment I had a massive urge to taste her, I had never been with a woman or really seen one naked this close before. She grinned and said 'will I do'? I told her she look amazing and they would be hard pushed not to cast her. She was whisked away before I could gaze any longer, I was offered to watch from the sidelines and curiosity got the better of me. I may never have this chance again so why not see behind the scenes of an adult movie.

Sue came out of a side room, her cheeks flushed and smeared with cum, she said part one of the audition she had passed with flying colours now she had to fuck her way around the studio with different cast members for compatibility. I was horrified but she was happy and I was also curious so I watched her go into a bigger room with glass doors and floor mats. One by one cast members went in and I watched them fuck her in everyway possible, with girls, blokes, in every configuration possible.

I now felt so excited I started to feel jealous, I wanted a share of the action, I wanted Sue after all I saw her first naked. I wanted to be that big black cock that was parting her ivory hairless lips, feeling her tightness and moisture. I wanted to suck that piecing, gently nibbling it and stimulating her, I wanted to taste that little clit hood that teased me. I saw her face contort in pleasure, I saw her cum, I saw the black guy pull out of her and cum all over tummy and thighs, thick hot jets of it pooling in her abdomen.

There was a break between actors going into Sue and I whipped off my clothes and dived in there, her face when she saw me was a picture. I had no idea what it was like with a women I just saw her body lying there like a temple. I started to lick her nipples, pulling on them with my teeth, they were big and fat on small pert breast. I moved downwards stopping to drink at the pool of cum, I tasted the black guy's spunk and moaned in pleasure at the tang. I reached her slit and she gasped in pleasure as I lived out my fantasy of teasing her clit with the tip of my tongue, using it to dart in and out like a miniature dagger. I licked from back to front slowly only stopping briefly at her vulva to suckle, she wriggled and begged for more.

As I sucked her clit between my teeth I used my hand to insert my thumb into her cunt and stuck my finger in her ass. I manipulated her pussy and ass till she wailed, she got so wet you could her squelching I thought she was urinating, she was gushing like a fountain, I'm coming, I'm coming she screamed over and over, it was shooting out of her. I didn't care I needed to take her and I did, even licked her clean I wasn't going to miss a drop of her nectar still mingling with the several shots of cum she had in her.

All of a sudden a voice said wow, well done you made her squirt, you have both passed the audition with flying colours. 'Ah but I'm not here for that' as I let my voice die down, thankfully he didn't hear me so I gave a resounding thanks, when can I start?

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