Bathroom Slag

London Escort Christianna

Aaron and his buddies were out at a local club when he stumbled across a horny drunk girl who was eager to take his cock. As they were dancing on the dance floor, grinding and feeling each other's bodies gyrate on one another, the horny slag asked Aaron to follow him as she took his hand and lead him somewhere he didn't know where. She led him into the hall of the club, next to the bathrooms. The girl peaked inside of the girl's bathroom, and as she noticed no one was in there, she rushed herself and Aaron inside. She quickly locked the doors behind them and Aaron just sat back and watched, anticipating what was about to happen. This drunken girl wasted no time. She wanted Aaron's cock to fill her. Instantly, the drunken slag grabbed Aaron and ripped off his button-up shirt and pulled her slutty dress up from over her head, revealing her perky tits and tight body. Aaron felt his cock growing hard by the second.

Without a word, she got on her knees and took Aaron's cock into her mouth. She sucked it hard and strong, pushing it far into the back of her throat. She pulled off of his cock and spat on it and looked up at Aaron with a smirk as she started to rub her hands up and down his shaft, soaking up her spit. The girl stood up and bent herself over the bathroom sink counter and told Aaron to, "Have my pussy."

It was time for Aaron to take control of the situation, as he pulled her leg up and rested it on the counter, allowing her pussy to be wide and open for his cock. He threw his long, wide cock in between her pussy lips and gave her a long, deep thrust until his balls met her pussy. He went balls deep with each thrust, holding onto her leg for support as he fucked her hard like the drunken whore she was.

He slammed her pussy hard as she bit her lip and demanded for Aaron to beat her pussy - to fuck her like the slut she was. She flung her body around and rested her ass on the counter so that she could watch Aaron beat her pussy. He slid his cock back in and pounded her pussy hard as he watched her tits bounce up and down with every thrust. Aaron grabbed her legs and put them on his shoulders, making her pussy feel so tight on his throbbing hard cock. He grabbed onto her legs as she clawed his back with every deep thrust he pounded into her soaking wet pussy. The slag was screaming in pleasure.

"I'm about to cum!" She screamed in complete ecstasy as Aaron slammed her hard.

"Cum on my dick!" He demanded.

Her legs began to tremble and her toes curled as she gasped for breath and gripped his skin underneath her fingers, screaming in completely pleasure as she came all over his long shaft. Aaron quickly pulled his cock out and blew his load all over the outside of her pussy, watching it stream down her lips and hole, down to her ass.

A couple minutes later and Aaron was back with his friends, without anyone knowing about the slag he slammed in the bathroom of the club.


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