The Country Park part 2


He sat up and kissed me deeply and my hand found his cock again and Stroked it tenderly. He pushed me gently back onto the towel and Continued to kiss me. I closed my eyes once again and explored his hot mouth with my tongue. One of his hands was squeezing my tit, but I didn't feel his other hand at all. Then, suddenly, I discovered what it had been doing. He had picked up the top of my bikini and he quickly put it over my eyes and tied it behind my head, blindfolding me. "Hey," I began to protest.

"Just relax and enjoy," he said quietly. "Not another word." I did as he said, for the moment, and didn't say anything more.

He picked up where he had left off earlier and I felt his teeth nip me gently as he sunk them into the fabric of my suit. He virtually ripped the bottom off with his teeth and I was completely nude.

The sensations I was only allowed to experience by feeling, due to the blindfold was exquisite. Everything was heightened beyond belief. I lay there, helpless with lust, as he spread my legs and drove his tongue into my aching pussy. He licked and sucked my clit, catching it between his teeth occasionally for impact. His fingers soon took over in my pussy and he brought me to the trembling edge of a shattering orgasm and simply held me there, not allowing me to come. I begged him to let me release my passion, but he denied me that pleasure. "You will come when I tell you to," he said. "Not before." The words were strong, determined, yet edged with gentleness and I knew that I wouldn't release the intense orgasm building inside me until he allowed me to, no matter how badly I wanted to.

He withdrew his fingers from me and slid them into my mouth where I licked them clean. "You're going to enjoy this," he said. I ALWAYS enjoyed it, and I couldn't determine what the difference or twist would be this time. We had fucked outdoors before, and I had been blindfolded before, so what was so unusual? I couldn't see anything, but I definitely sensed that there was something unique about the situation. I did notice that the breeze had quit blowing over us, although I could hear it rustle the trees. It was as if something was blocking it.

Before I could ponder this more, he wet his finger and slid it into my ass, fucking me quickly. I moaned and my hips rolled toward him as he fucked deeper into me. I was so close to coming and he could tell and warned me, "Remember, when I say so." I fought to gain control of my body and he fucked my ass more shallow to help. Then he removed his finger altogether and I felt the head of his cock against my dripping pussy. He slowly inserted it into me and my muscles contracted around him hotly. With one deep, final thrust, he was completely inside me and I thought I would die of ecstasy.

He fucked me slowly at first, with deep, long strokes, and I felt as though he were massaging my most intimate place with his lovely cock. Soon, however, his rhythm intensified and he began fucking me hard, his balls slapping my body with each stroke. I began to gasp, my back arching and my hands gripping the towel violently as I anticipated my climax. "Not yet," he said as he pulled out of me.

"Oh, God, please!" I begged him.

"Almost, but not yet," he said again and I felt his hands pushing my legs farther back and the tip of his cock against my ass. He rubbed the wetness from my pussy over my asshole and greased his cock with it as well. "Oh, no," I said, unsure of whether I wanted this.

"Oh, yes," he said and eased the head into my tight hole.

"Oh, God!" I cried, happy that I hadn't protested too much. I held onto his wrists tightly as he fucked my ass thoroughly.

"I have a surprise for you," he said quietly. I felt his hand travel up my body and slowly pull the fabric away from my eyes, all the while his cock continued to fuck my ass. As my eyes adjusted to the sudden light, I saw forms above and around me. Focusing almost immediately, I nearly screamed as my eyes landed on face after face of the onlookers to our little show. "Oh, my God!" I whispered. "What are you doing?" I tried to pull away from him, but his hands held me down and his dick buried itself deeper in my ass. I almost started to cry, but he moved down over me and held me close to him as he continued to fuck me. "Let's give them a real show," he whispered tenderly in my ear, reassuring me that this was not worth dying over.

I closed my eyes and wished the crowd away as he pounded my ass, causing an intense, almost violent, orgasm to build inside of me.

"That's my girl," he said affectionately as his cock swelled inside me. "Here we go, baby," he whispered. I was ready to explode and at the very moment I thought I could no longer contain myself, I felt his finger graze my clit and his voice commanded masterfully,

"Now!" I thought every nerve in my body had exploded as I felt his cock release its hot contents into me at the same time I came. I shook and gasped for what seemed like an eternity as I clutched him to me and he continued to thrust into me, releasing ever drop of come into my ass.

I was so scared to open my eyes, but as I glanced quickly at the faces, I saw smiles and laughter and as I quickly closed them again, I heard the faint sound of what seemed like applause and I felt as though I were drifting away on some heavenly cloud of ecstasy.

When I opened my eyes again, I was expecting to have to face these onlookers. Instead, my eyes focused on ceiling of my bedroom and I felt the warm, gentle breeze from the window wash over me. As my mind grasped at understanding, I rolled over and my arm fell across his sexy waist as he slept beside me. The sun was low in the sky and it cast a seductive, warm glow over his beautiful body. I smiled and ran my hands over his back, waist, and legs, my heart calming a bit and my mind beginning to put everything together. I was relieve beyond belief that it was only a dream; a very vivid dream, but a dream nonetheless. I sighed and wrapped my arms around his waist making him sigh and moan in his sleep.

As I leaned over to kiss his cheek, my heart jumped to my throat as my eyes landed on the articles piled near the dresser. I stared, dumbfounded, at my beach bag, the pile of towels, his shorts, my bikini top and lastly, the small circle of fabric tied in a know that was my bikini top.

I slowly closed my eyes and laid my head back down on my pillow.

As I drifted back into unconsciousness, hoping against hope that this, too, had been a dream, I felt his arms pull me to him and heard him whisper softly in my ear, "Congratulations, we brought the house down."