Cuckolded at Home


Many years I have been a long distance lorry driver and these days I mainly work the M4 corridor. Im married to Angela a very bossy and domineering woman who always puts her needs first. I always treat her like a lady when Im home and our daughter Alice. However these days when I go home she barely acknowledges me although of course shes always keen to know how much money I have made so she can go off shopping.

Angela always stated my work and job came first which is not true, it is the only way I know how to earn a living and was in the job before I married her. However I decided I would pay her more attention and returned home a whole day early only to find a man she had picked up in a local bar in our marital bed. He looked very sheepish as he hopped off down the road. From that day on I vowed I would have no more sex with her, I would keep her in the house for the sake of our daughter and still provide the basics.

This went on for several months until she became more brazen and moved this chap into my own house, I was banished to one end of the house and was told in the week when I was away she would have him and at weekends we could swap bedrooms and I could have her in the marital bed. I had no love or respect for her and now she had cuckolded me in my own home. However I am a man with needs and I dont have the time to look elsewhere. So I reluctantly agreed to this agreement, a couple of times I managed to come home on Thursday having to listen to my wife fuck this chap in our bed. I wanted to know what he had that I didnt.

Being curious I crept along the hallway and peered into the darkness, there was no mistaking my wife and her big breasts bouncing up and down on this much younger man. She was cackling away and begging him to keep going, she was insatiable. I was stunned this was the wife that just lay in missionary position with me moaning I didnt do it good enough. I saw her being flipped over and spanked and she panted and groaned. I felt my cock harden at the scene before me but I slunk back into the shadows and down the hall.

The next morning she breezed about the breakfast table with her nose turned up bustling around before the school run appearing all respectable. After giving me my orders and chores for the day, after all I had a day off and wasnt allowed to sit idle she went off to visit her friend Mary. That night I was summoned to re-join the marital bed as it was now the weekend. I was rather hoping for some of new found action but I was duly informed she had a headache which oddly enough lasted all weekend.

I decided the following week I would lose a job and take Friday off again so I could return home on the Thursday, I was sent down the hallway to what used to be a guest bedroom. Once again I was woken by Angela being fucked, I had to watch so I set up camp outside the door she was riding him on top facing outwards. The moon came over and cast a light and she saw me. She gestured for me to be quiet and to stay still; she ran her hand up and down pulling in her nipples and then searching for her own clit. I grabbed my cock out which was rock solid and I didnt give a shit if he saw or not. This was my house and my wife. I could see her milking his balls and he shuddered as he unloaded inside her cunt.

To my astonishment she began to chastise him the way she always did me for any misdemeanour because she hadnt come. She made him roll over and demanded I come in immediately and finish off what he had started. By now I didnt care and I was going to show him and her who really owned her snatch. I grabbed some ties from my draw and tied him and her up to the bed. I made him watch me fuck her so rough and he couldnt do a thing about it. I walloped her ass so hard she cried, I vented my frustrations on her backside by spanking her with my size 11 shoe. She stopped whimpering and starting groaning with pleasure I started to part her cheeks and she begged me no, that no man would ever fuck her butt. I told her it belonged to me and it was part he hadnt ruined. I pushed my head through the tight ring of that sphincter, she cried and I fucked her. Her new man was incandescent with rage as it turns out hed been nagging to claim her ass. I shot my load inside her making her squeal. Wiping my cummy cock across his face and mouth I walked out and said Im divorcing you.
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