Damian the Passionate Lover


I looked out the balcony. The view was gorgeous. It looked over the city and even though it was very early in the morning there were still a few cars on the road. The breeze blew and I shivered I wrapped my arms around my body. I smelled Damian’s musky cologne before I felt his arms around me. I leaned into him and he cupped my breasts. Kisses travelled from my bare shoulder to my neck and finally rested on my waiting lips.

As we kissed he removed slid the straps of my dress off my shoulders and my dress fell at my feet. I stood on his balcony with my heels and my lacy panties and bra. He stopped kissing me long enough to admire my body.

“Mmmmmmm gorgeous. Everything that I expected.” He pressed against me once more I could feel his erection against my stomach. I reached out my hand and stroked him through his pants. I unzipped his pants and was surprised that he wore no underwear. I smiled to myself. I pulled out his cock and stroked it majestically. I had seen many cocks but it is on rare occasions where I am able to see one of this magnitude.

I knelt before him eager to take his cock in my mouth. I quickly unbuttoned his pants and let it fall around his ankles. I licked his cock enjoying the precum that was already seeping from him. I covered the tip of his cock with my mouth and he moaned deeply. It wasn’t long before I was pressed between the balcony and Damian’s cock.

He pulled my up gently and turned me around to look out once more at the scenery but this time the scenery wasn’t on my mind. He tugged at my panties slid them off. I stepped out of them and arched my ass to take him. He smacked me a few times before rubbing his cock against my pussy. He parted my legs and I felt his fingers playing with my pussy. I moaned as his four fingers were now in me pumping me forcefully. It wasn’t long after that he pushed his cock into my aching pussy and I cried out with pleasure.

“Fuck me baby, fuck me with that big, hard, cock of yours.” I reached my hand back to try to press him into me as much as possible. I rocked back on him and moved my hips up and down then in circular motions while he held my waist tightly. I released my hand from the balcony and held my ankles, squeezing in my pussy as I did so.

“Oh fuck” were the only words that came from Damian’s lips for the next few minutes as he fucked me. He took me to one of the balcony chairs and I sat and placed one leg on either side of the chair exposing myself to him. He kneeled in front of me. I fingers myself slowly enjoying the look on his face as he watched the little show that I was putting on for him. I took my fingers out and passed them along his lips before taking each one in my mouth and sucking them sensually. I used one hand to open my pussy lips as far as possible as I played with my clit. I moaned loudly as my eyes rolled behind into my head.

I felt Damian’s tongue on my pussy and I removed my hands to give him free reign of my pussy. His tongue flicked and taunted my clit for a bit then he used his tongue to fuck me. I massaged his full head of hair and pressed his face into my pussy.

Damian got up and lifted my legs. He pressed his hands against the back of my knees and pushed his huge cock into me once more. He fucked me as my feet dangled helpless in the air bobbing around wildly. He lifted me off the chair with his cock still in me and pressed me up against the cold wall. I could care less if we had peepers his cock was definitely worth it.

Our final position for the night was my favourite which is doggy style. As he pounded my pussy I rubbed my clit hard. I waited until he was ready to climax so that we can go over the edge together. I felt his body tense behind me and I knew he was about to explode. I rubbed my clit harder, faster and I exploded a few seconds after Damian.

He let go of my feet and we both slid to the floor exhausted. I slid between his legs and played with his cock. It took about ten minutes before his cock was hard again and he was ready to go. I slipped onto his cock and rode him hard. He groaned as he held onto my hips. I leaned back a bit so that he had full access to my breasts. I tongue flicked across one then the other. I was near another orgasms but I had to wait for Damian before I allowed myself to explode.

Once more our cries rang through the air as we climaxed. We fell into each other’s arms like a couple in love. We stayed there a while before Damian took my hand and escorted me to the bathroom. I watched as he filled the tub and added the bubbles. He ensured that the water was just right before offering my his hand again before helping me in. He slid behind me and passed his hands along my slippery body. It wasn’t long before we were all over each other and reaching our climax.

I didn’t believe that it was possible to have so many orgasms in one night. When I left his hotel room I could not help but feel sad and happy at the same time. He did say that he would call the agency again to book another appointment but I could help but feel the need for his cock between my leg once more. I waited anxiously for him to call again.

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