Down at the Stables


I had been picked out of a pool of other twenty year old lads on Equine Studies course from Watford College and was placed on a summer placement at a stable in Tring. I couldnt believe my luck this was a sort after placement as these stables housed some of the Home Counties most Arab though breeds and not youre run of the mill riding school.

I had been there about 5 weeks and it was bloody hard work, I had eagerly awaited my Jackie Collins experience and to my dismay there was nothing of the sort. No rich domineering lady coming to run their hands over my six pack in heap of hay. However I resigned myself to the fact I was there to learn and build my CV. A couple a new lads from a different college joined last week and I havent been given any opportunities to chat to them yet. I was boiling hot and had been working like a Trojan so I decided to go round the back for a cool drink from the water hose. I did and it was so good and I was roasting I decided it was quiet Id strip off my tee shirt and hose myself down. I heard foot steps and thought shit, Im for the high jump as this will seem so unprofessional but I relaxed when I saw Chris one of the new guys instead.

Thank fuck its you I said as he grinned now thats a great idea, I quite fancy a cool down too he said. Feeling a kinship in our unprofessionalism I said he should go for it and hed feel much better. Before he could decide I grabbed the hose and soaked him without giving him time to lose his shirt. Water clung to him and I thought Id gone too far but he grinned and play wrestled me to the ground. My body was now dry and warmed by the sun but Chris was still wet and I was fascinated by his big nipples peaking through the fabric, they were almost like girls. I grabbed his t shirt off over his head and made a play run through the paddock with him chasing me. All these weeks I hadnt noticed that there was a lovely shady copse within touching distance.

Hot and tired we gave up although I was still staring at his nipples when I wanted to suck them, I felt horrified I wasnt gay and I had no interest in a mans nipple. The more I tried not to stare the more I did and to my horror my cock grew hard and pushed against the rigid fabric of my jeans. With those feelings the breeze came by and my god I swear they grew like a girls. He caught me looking and said I know they are like plumbers thumbs and as he tweaked one my cock bounced. I looked over and his cock was erect in his shorts. Well hell where do I go from here.

The decision was taken out of my hands as he reached over grabbing my right hand placed it on his chest and said its fine you can feel and yes I do get turned on when they are touched. They felt amazing and before I could think I reached out and took it in my mouth. It was smaller and coarser than a girls but this seemed so forbidden it was a huge turn on. Chris reached out; unbuttoning my jeans slid them off me and freed my cock from boxers. He leant down and slowly and deliberately ran his firm erect nipples up and down my shaft; he grabbed my sac and rubbed his chest over them. Feeling those little dimples over my heavy sacks felt like nothing so good. He invited me to seek his cock and use it as I pleased, I protested I wasnt gay but he just smiled and said we didnt need to worry about ticking a sexuality box today that we were just following nature. I had to agree as for my first time I stroked another mans cock, it was so clean and devoid of hair.

Chris bent down further and swapping his chest for his mouth I felt him gently nibble the base of my cock, licking the sides up and down. I swear my cock had grown bigger than normal as he reached unknown parts. His tongue was like gossamer as he swirled it around the tip, dabbing away at the increasingly moist tip. He then slid the whole girth deep down his throat than tightening the grip he pistoned up and down with his mouth. All of a sudden my aching balls tightening and I started to come, he was swallowing me I couldnt believe it. This turned me super horny I couldnt control the explosion as I filled his mouth with my spunk. He looked up and gave me a big huge cummy smile.

This happened 15 years ago now and to date its one of the best experiences Ive ever had.