The Driving Test


Julia's driving test was quite an experience! She had been a mixture of both nervous and excited and when the examiner turned out to be a former teacher from school who she'd had a crush on, it had been a very pleasant surprise! He remembered her straight away and Julia was secretly pleased that she had made an extra effort that morning and was looking good. She completed the driving part of the test with no problems and then her examiner told her to pull up and park at the end of the road that they were in. The road was quiet and there wasn't much traffic around and Julia didn't think anything of it at first when he gave her the instruction. He closed his book, relaxed and looked at her. "You know I always fancied you when we were in school" he said. Julia didn't know what to say and blushed. She still found him extremely attractive and had always wondered to herself what it would have been like to fuck him. All of a sudden, he leaned across and started kissing her. Julia, although taken by surprise, responded eagerly and after a few minutes, put her hand down and unzipped his trousers, feeling his large, excited cock. She pulled away, looked round to check there was no-one around and then lowered her head right down and took his cock hungrily into her mouth. She began licking up and down the shaft, teasing the tip with her tongue and then took the whole lot of it in her mouth. She was enjoying every second of what she was doing and could clearly feel her examiner was feeling the same! So she carried on, determined to give him the best blow job he'd ever had in his life! Julia kept licking and sucking, taking it deeper and deeper down into her throat until all of a sudden she felt his cock pulsating and just knew he was about to cum. Instead of pulling away, Julia let him shoot his load hard and fast into her mouth as she knew how much guys enjoyed doing that, plus she did love the taste of spunk! Her examiner sat back in his seat totally spent and Julia smiled at him as she wiped away his warm cum from her mouth. Her examiner pulled himself together, zipped his trousers back up and looked at her. Well missy, he said, what can I say? That's a well-deserved A Plus for the blow job and as for the test..a most DEFINITE pass!

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