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It was a warm, rainy Sunday morning and Mili had just crawled out of bed when the doorbell rang. To her surprise, it was a flower delivery service with a bouquet of Lilies. Being a Colombian girl, Mili has a great appreciation for anything floral. She knew her date from the night before had paid attention; after all, lilies are one of her favourites.

"Last night was wild", was all that the card read. While preparing the flowers and pouring water in the vase, Mili began to feel herself getting soaking wet as she replayed the previous evening in her head. She thought about how he ran his fingers under her skirt, over her panties under the dinner table in the restaurant and how he would subtly slide a finger in her from time to time in between bites.

As Mili finished settling her flowers, she decided it was time for her to really relive the night. She went back to her bedroom to grab that magical toy that gives her thunderous orgasms as she fucks her little Colombian snatch. As she slips out of her nightgown and it falls to the ground, Mili lays back on her bed with her legs spread wide. She teases herself with her adult toy as she thinks about how thick her date's cock was and how it felt as she took it all in her mouth, deep into her throat. With the thought of her spitting on his dick, Mili took the toy and rammed it in her pussy just the way her date had thrusted her the night before.

Soaking and dripping wet, Mili continued to fuck herself roughly as she remembered her date gripping her ass with every thrust and pulling her hair and biting her neck. She likes it rough. With the thought of her date in her pussy, Mili pulled out her toy and stuck it deep in her ass. With a loud scream, she began cumming and squirting across the room. Screaming from pleasure and pain and the rough thrusting in her tight little asshole. As Mili finished her climax she took one more giant thrust in her ass that made her toes curl from pleasure.

As she put her toy away in her secret stash, Mili picked up her phone and texted her date,



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