A Happy Ending!


Roxy had worked as a masseuse at the health club for quite a while now. Although some days were quite tiring, she still enjoyed the different variation of clients that she got to chat to every time she worked. That particular day had been slow, so when the receptionist called her over and asked her if she wouldn't mind fitting a client in for a sports massage before she left that evening, Roxy gladly agreed. When the door opened, Roxy turned round and was stunned to see the most stunning vision of manhood, fresh off the squash court standing in front of her! She composed herself quickly and chatted to the guy whose name was Paul and found that he was a regular squash player at the club but had felt an old injury flare up and so had decided to book himself in for sports massage. Roxy left the room after the consultation to allow Paul to undress and get comfortable on the massage couch and tried to regain her professional composure and when she walked back into the room, Paul was lying down, covered by two towels, his taut, muscular body tanned and perfect. Roxy uncovered the towel and started massaging, applying warm oil as she went along and was quite glad as Paul chatted away to her, as quite often a lot of clients preferred to just lie there quietly while she worked. As Roxy worked her way round Paul's body, she began to feel a stirring in her pussy, especially when she started on his upper thighs. She felt guilty as she never normally experienced that feeling and to her, work was work, so she carried on and tried her best to ignore it. All of a sudden as Roxy's hands reached the top of his right thigh, Paul grabbed her wrists and caught her by surprise! He looked at her and she looked back at him startled. Neither of them said a word and Roxy went along with it as he gently relaxed his grip and placed her right hand around his bulging cock. In her other hand he placed the oil and still without either of them uttering a word, Roxy proceeded to slide her hand up and down his cock, dripping warm oil on it as she stroked it up and down to heighten the experience. She felt extremely excited and moved her hand faster and faster, hearing Paul's moans of pleasure become more and more intense. Then Paul leaned forward and put his muscular arms around Roxy's waist, gently lifting her on top of his cock. He rocked her back and forth, holding her waist all the time and looking into her eyes so she could see how much he was enjoying it. Roxy had by now, lost all feelings of guilt and instead, was totally enjoying the whole experience, getting wetter and wetter by the second. Eventually Paul's thrusting became more and more intense and as Roxy struggled to conceal her moans, they both came together in a shuddering climax. Roxy climbed off, red faced and panting and walked over to the mirror to tidy herself up, not quite believing what had just happened! Paul dressed and composed himself. He then looked over to Roxy, thanked her for a most wonderful massage and said - "same time next week"?