Just a Sad Slag


Mark was a young teenager who always had the girls flocking to him. He was over 6 feet tall, built and definitely had a large cock to back up his confidence. It was in the summer time when Mark experienced a little slag like he has never had before. He spent the afternoon in his apartment's Laundromat, and just as he was leaving, he spotted the sexiest Spanish girl who had her breasts popping out of her little top. Her ass was banging and Mark could get a sneak peak of the booty cleavage that was appearing from the bottom of her shorts. He stopped to ask her name, but she carried on with her laundry as if she hadn't heard him. This made Mark even more horny and curious about this sexy girl.

Mark quickly ran up to grab another load of laundry so that he had an excuse to go back to the Laundromat floor of his apartment. As soon as he walked in, she turned her back and carried on with her stuck up way like she did earlier. It was now late in the evening and as the girl grabbed her clothes from the dryer, she told Mark that she was going to lock up. Knowing that she couldn't make him leave, he took advantage of the situation and sat back on the counter and shook his head.

She stomped up to him and demanded that he leaves now. Mark said that he would only leave if she tells him a little bit about herself. She said that she is new to college and worked in the building for some extra cash. Mark asked her if she had a boyfriend. She turned away being stubborn and standoffish once again.

"Do you?" He pressured her. He suddenly saw a sad look come over her face, and took the opportunity to console her. He wrapped his big arms around her and apologized for bringing up a sore subject. She started to spill the beans about her ex and as she was crying, Mark could only focus on his hard cock that was getting hotter with the feeling of her body up against his.

She pulled back out of Mark's arms, probably realizing his massive bulge in his pants. She looked in his eyes and thanked him for listening as she placed her lips on his. The kiss wasn't a short and sweet one. It lingered on, and before Mark could fathom what was happening, the two of them were standing naked in the laundry room, fondled each other aggressively. She went down on her knees and took Mark into her mouth, every last inch of it. She didn't even gag as she played with his head with her tongue as he thrust down her throat. She slid her body back up Marks and pushed him back on the Laundromat counters and climbed on top of him.

She slid her pussy down his long shaft as Mark inserted his finger into her ass. He pounded her hard, using his finger in her ass as grip as he thrust long and deep. She began to scream in pleasure. She arched her back and grabbed her tits as she bit her lip and bounced on his dick. She started screaming that she was about to cum and Mark plunged his finger deeper into her ass. Her toes curled as she began to squirt her cum all down his shaft. It made Mark immediately cum, and the sloppy wet mess was now a noisy one. They slowly grinded until one another was completely emptied.

Now, she will never be sad when she thinks about her ex.