Liliana’s Extra Overtime


Liliana had been at her job as PA for quite a while when her new boss took over, an almost instantly Liliana decided that she wanted him. She had been helping him settle into his new role and assisting him, and had sweetly offered to do some overtime that coming Friday evening after work, to help tie up some loose ends and finish paperwork. She had been impatiently clock watching that day, counting down the hours until the clock hit 5.00 so that all her other workmates would leave to go home and she would finally be alone in the office with her boss. At long last, the clock struck five and by quarter to six everybody in the office had gone, even the last stragglers, that was of course apart from Liliana and her boss. An hour or so later, it had started to get dark and Liliana offered to make them both some coffee. Her boss stood up, loosened his tie and said to her - I can think of something I'd MUCH rather have on my desk than a cup of! Liliana couldn't believe her luck! Her plan was coming together, except it was now her boss that was making the first move and she didn't have to! She put down her paperwork and began to undress until she was stood there in just her silk bra and knickers and black hold-ups. Her boss wanted to fuck her properly, so he guided her backwards towards his desk, cleared some space with his hand and gently pushed her backwards so she was lying on her back, legs gently balancing on the edge. Her boss then proceeded to fuck Liliana hard and fast, whilst she pulled him deeper and deeper inside of her, Liliana then stopped abruptly, pushed her boss gently backwards and dropped to her knees in front of him. She then grasped his meaty cock and took the whole of it into her mouth, frantically sucking and sucking on it as her boss shuddered with delight, watching it disappear down his PA's throat. Liliana increased her pace and sucked faster and faster in perfect time with her boss's thrusts until he came. Liliana finished the job off perfectly by swallowing down every last drop and eventually rising to her feet, she kissed her boss fully on the lips and proceeded to dress herself again. Her boss completely stunned that she had responded in such an eager way, but completely thrilled all the same, commended Liliana on her "overtime" and asked if she would be happy to assist him again over the next few weeks. Liliana didn't have to think twice about that one! Absolutely! She thought to herself and Friday nights would doubtless never be the same again!