Lost Glove of Regents Park


I was walking through Regents Park one crisp cold morning when I saw on the railings a solitary glove had been placed there. Nothing new people lose things and folk pin them up hoping they will be reunited with a grateful owner. This glove was very pretty it was a bright cerise leather glove in a very small adult size. I couldn't help but pick it up wishing I had such dainty hands, it made me think about its owner. How could she miss such an expensive glove and it was bright too so not a boring black woollen affair this was a special glove I decided.

What on Earth was I doing pondering about a stupid glove I had to get on but something made me pick it up and put it in my pocket. I was no good to me just on its own and way too small but I was drawn to it. I felt embarrassed and stupid and hoped the real owner wouldn't pop up and say that's mine.

Late that afternoon I had completed my chores and awaited my husband, I began thinking about the glove's owner and became really aroused for no particular reason. I had been with a few girls casually twenty years ago as teen experiments but that was it. All of a sudden I found myself wanting to be stroked by 'her' hands with both gloves on, I wanted her light touch and that smooth feeling that soft leather has stroking my quim. I wanted her to delve a gloved finger inside me, make me wet and lick the glove clean. I wanted to see my juices on the leather like a balsam.

I grew very wet my panties felt tight against my clit which was so aroused it was tingling. I reached into my coat pocket from that morning and pulled it out. I went into my bedroom, discarding my clothes I stroked myself up and down exploring my body with the glove. I could smell my own sex, I forced my hand inside the glove as much as possible running it between my labia. I stimulated the hood which houses my throbbing clit, I was so wet and I could feel the dainty leather glove sliding around. I pulled it out looked at it and it was unmissably covered in my secretions. I licked it tasting my own salty tang, plunging it back in and scooping more of my own fluid up. I pulled out a vibrator and inserted into my wet and waiting quim, the relief of being filled was instant.

I switched the vibrator on and left it buried deep in me like an invisible cock whilst I used the glove to strum myself. Soon I was yelling and coming grinding myself against leather and rubber. I reached down to pinch my nipples, tweaking them till it hurt but ohhhh god it was so fucking good. I came again my muscles clamping the vibrator in place. It wasn't like a man spent and sliding out the vibrator stayed hard and was already to fuck over and over. Sensors I never existed had been awakened as I saturated the glove over and over.

I realised I had to get on and prepare dinner as my husband coming home was imminent, so I cleaned up and redressed. I looked over and saw the glove, oh my god how the hell could I possibly explain this, what if my husband thinks I'm deranged. Without knowing what to do I thrust the leather glove into my panties until I knew how to discard it.

Over dinner I became increasingly aroused as the glove teased me. I could feel the fingers brushing my slit, my crack and my clit, its gorgeous leatherness tight in my labia rubbing me all over. I was horny as hell and rushed dessert to drag the Mr upstairs. He thought he was so lucky as I threw him on the bed, discreetly wrapping the glove in my clothes as I tossed them in laundry. I was so wet and ready and fortunately my husband was rock hard and ready to fuck. I impaled myself on glorious cock, my tunnel already slack from the afternoon play I could barely feel him inside me. He exploded inside me filling me with the much needed man cum that was missing from earlier.