Luna Loves Virgins


One afternoon, Luna received a phone call from her best friend. As per usual, it was about a guy. Her friend had this male friend who was eager to lose his virginity. It may sound unusual to you, but Luna always had her friends sending potential new dates her way.

"Oooh, a virgin?" she rhetorically asked, "My favourite!"

And the date was set. Drew was to arrive later that evening at Luna's apartment for a date that would satisfy his every need. Once he had arrived, Luna took him immediately to her bedroom. After all, they both knew what their date was about, so why waste any time.

"Undress yourself, sit here and wait for me!" Luna demanded as she pointed to the bed.

When she returned, she was wearing red, lace lingerie and looked absolutely stunning. As she walked towards Drew who was now sitting naked on her bed, she gazed at him with her big eyes, trailing her long fingers slowly down her body.

Luna then straddled Drew, lowering herself down on his hard cock, kissing him long, hard and passionately. Her soft lips travelled from his mouth to his neck, stopping for a brief moment at his nipples before continuing down, until her lips were resting on his cock. Luna stuck out her tongue and looked up at Drew as he grasped her tits and she slid her mouth down his shaft, his whole member disappearing into her mouth. Virgin Drew took matters into his own hands as her grabbed the back of her head, shoving his cock deeper in her mouth, making her gag with every thrust. As he let out a loud moan, Luna looked up with a smirk, you like that, baby she asked?

Bobbing up and down, tasting this virgin's cum in the back of her throat, made Luna's pussy begin to get extremely wet. She wanted to feel this virgin's innocent cock pounding her pussy. Luna stood back up and turned her arse towards Drew as she slid his throbbing long cock slowly inside her pussy. She reached back and grasped both her cheeks with her hands and spread them, revealing her bare tight pussy and giving Drew the ultimate view as she rode him like a cowgirl. Drew watched as this sexy slag bounced her sweet arse on his thick shaft. Just as he was about to cum, Drew grabbed Luna's hips and thrust his cock so far into her that she let out a loud scream as he exploded a thick load deep inside her. Just as he let out his last squirt, Luna ground herself on his cock one last time to make sure he had finished, unloading himself deep inside of her.

And this, is why Luna loves virgins.