The Maidenhead


My Daughter decided she'd like to bring a girlfriend home from Uni to spend the summer with us, we are lucky enough to live in a decent sized property with pool and tennis court. This friend a Thai girl called Pim was going to be holed up all summer in a shared flat in Cricklewood. I didn't pay much attention to it really the girls are both twenty and quite independent.

Sasha breezed in late Wednesday evening, with her driver ceremonially dumping her bags at the door, I rushed to greet my youngest who I miss dreadfully in term time. I then caught sight of a slip of girl looking a bit lost and out of place under the Georgian portico. Hello there you must be Pim I said warmly while offering my hand, she shrank back and nodded.

A week later I was sitting in the Summer House sipping port when Pim wandered in, 'oh gosh so sorry sir I didn't know you were here' she muttered and went to beat a swift exit. 'Hey wait' I said, we haven't really had chance to talk and being as Sasha has welcomed you into our home then treat as your own. Stay and have a drink, we made small talk to begin with and as drink flowed she was much more relaxed. I could swear she was almost flirting with me which for a 54 year old chap was rather flattering even if it was Daughters friend.

It was then she admitted she was afraid to talk to me as she felt I was too handsome to approach - her words not mine! I laughed and then saw she was serious, she said I was the sort of man she wanted to save herself for. Did I just hear correct? A gorgeous twenty year old Thai girl was hinting she was still a virgin and was waiting for an ager like me. She then cried and admitted she had never stayed anywhere as grand as our house. I was embarrassed by this as although we are comfortable I'm not ostentatious and would hate anyone to feel uncomfortable. I slipped my arm around her slender shoulders to comfort her. What happened next took me by surprise, she turned to me, cupped my face with her petite hands and kissed me long and slow on the lips and said Thank You.

My groin responded before my brain and feeling this slip of a girl with her exotic beauty pressed against me soon had my cock standing to attention. I knew then I had to take her womanhood, she was mine for plucking in fact the more I thought about bouncing her up and down on my thick shaft, my cock was in agony straining against my zipper. I took her sweet lips and pressed them to mine, our tongues connecting and swirling around, really enjoying each other. I gently picked her up, she was so light and delicate like gossamer, I laid her down amongst some floor cushions.

Carefully and slowly I started to remover her clothes one by one, savouring the moment, I knew we wouldn't be disturbed and I owed this girl respect for what was to become her gift of virginity to me. She delighted and squealed with pleasure at every unfamiliar touch. I started kissing her lightly from her toes to the backs of her knees, everywhere all bar her hidden treasure. I stroked around her breasts round and round up and on to the nape of her neck. I could by now smell her arousal and it fired my desire even more.

I parted her legs and slowly inspected every fold and crevice of her ripe pussy, it needed to be plundered at her age and I wanted it to memorable for her. I touched everywhere, cupping her mound of venus and gently humping her with my hand. Her sighs became small gasps as I started to insert my fingers into the warm slippery folds of her quim. I tasted her sweet firm nipples on her pert young breasts, she looked so delicate but yet so agile too.

I stood in front of her and took my clothes off and let her eyes feast on the naked flesh of man, I saw her eyes widen in apprehension at the size of my cock. I invited her touch it, feel it become familiar on how to handle it. She grabbed it with both hands and inspected me like a museum piece, each touch so unsure and light my cock bobbed and twitched at every gaze, every feel. She wanted to taste my meat, she saw the pre cum glisten in now what was moonlight, she could see how the head was pulsing. I held her head and guided it to my shaft, I held her soft fine hair as she pressed her face into my crotch. She caught on quite easy and was soon sucking like a pro using her tongue to protrude down the tip. I was worried I would cum too soon, I had to slide into her and fuck her, I wanted long and slow so I needed to pace myself.

It was torture pulling her sweet mouth off my throbbing cock, but I pushed her back, lifted her legs up over my shoulders and nestled my cock at the mouth of her vulva. I rubbed it up and down her slit, stimulating that little nub housing her clit. Ja ja ja ja she cried I want you to take me, I teased her some more and as she was just about to come I plunged into her hot snatch and took her. She cried out, she hurt, she was small and my cock had stretched her. I offered to pull out to which she said never she wanted to buried to the hilt over and over.

In and out deflowering her, till she cried out with joy of her first proper orgasm. I had decided she would always be mine and as I shot my seed deep into her cervix I hoped she would carry my child. I wanted her to solely belong to me as I was her first I couldn't let anyone else have her now.

For the rest of the stay we fucked over and over, I took her everywhere we could at each private moment, she was too nave to think about contraception and well you know my wish!!