Maria Gets Down Dirty and Wet


Maria isn't usually into her football friends, but at the same time, she would never turn down a fabulous sack session with a deliciously fit guy... so she always makes an exception for her good friend, Doug.

The other night, Maria went to see a famous football friend of hers, who shall remain nameless, that was in town. They have always had extreme sexual tension back and forth over the years but have never actually got down and dirty. Everyone woman loves a big muscled 6'4 wide body, and for a girl who loves hardcore sex, you can only imagine why she has given in and let his muscles just swallow her up in the sack.

As soon as Maria arrives at her friend's place driveway which was a damn mansion not to add, he immediately picks her up and wraps her long, slim legs around him. Maria was instantly wet as she loves a man that can lift her up and throw her around? Amazing! Before they even made it inside, he grasps Maria's tight, sweet ass and kisses her long neck and pushes her up against his Mercedes Benz and slowly begins to slide his hand up her skirt. To his delight, Maria was not wearing any panties and was soaking wet for him.

He lifted her skirt, placed her bare ass on the car, dropped his shorts and began fucking her hard. Right there, in the drive way, up against his Mercedes. Maria loved feeling his big manly hands grabbing her hips to pull her body forward into his cock to make it go real deep into her sweet pussy. They fucked senselessly on his car until he exploded in her like a virgin. Maria giggled and grinned and said, "Nice to see you too!" He pulls out, and Maria pulls her skirt back down as he says, "Come on in."

They then proceeded to his backyard and sat in his grotto-type hot tub and pool area. They talked and sipped on some champagne before things got heated again. As he is aware, Maria isn't a fan of sex in water for so many reasons. It's unhealthy and it doesn't feel good. So he came up behind her while they were in the hot tub and Maria could feel how hard his cock was up against her ass. He reached around and grabbed her tits roughly with both of his hands and lifted her out of the water, just enough for Maria's sweet pussy to be out. Still holding onto her tits, he spits on her pussy and slams his cock deep inside of her again. As he released his tight hold on her voluptuous breasts, he grabs one of her shoulders and puts his other hand on the opposite hip. Maria knew she was in for a railing. He fucked her so hard and rough that the concrete surrounding the hot tub cut her forearms up. At the time, she didn't care. He then flipped her over and shoved his head deep into her pussy, eating away at every last taste he could get of her. Just as she was Cumming, he shoved his cock in her pussy again and came with her totally in sync. One thing about fucking a famous athlete is that their timing is always perfect!

The night continued like this all over his house until 5am when we passed out in his master bedroom together. As Maria tells everyone her story the next day, she says "He is definitely one of my favourite fucks and as I was leaving this morning, I caught a nice glimpse of my ass print on his car window!"

And that's how Maria fucks.