The Massage


Diane had been visiting me for quite a few weeks and what started off as professional sports therapy massage for a torn cruciate ligament turned into quite a sordid little affair. It began after the 6th session when I said she had nearly completed the recommended 8 weeks, she looked crest fallen and wanted to know if she could carry on as she wanted me to start on her back to help her relax. I was bewildered as most folks are glad to end their course of treatment as it doesn't come cheap and my work was aimed at treating as opposed to relaxing. My diary wasn't too full so I readily agreed as it was extra business for me and if this gorgeous woman wanted to pay me for handling her perfect body then a win win situation.

It was after that conversation I started noticed each week she started arriving immaculate and dressed seductively, gone with the yoga pants and in with the hot pants. Her body language was one of someone craving sex. I thought I may have been imagining it but I could swear she was flirting with me too and felt flattered at the attention, I knew I looked pretty fit as I was also a personal trainer too so I worked out daily. I always wore tight fitting t-shirts which showed off my six pack and regular sunbeds gave me a healthy glow of Cuba and not Chiswick.

On her next arrival my cock roared into action at the very sight of her bouncing up the path in her daisy dukes and crop top, fuck she was pretty damned hot. How the hell could I work with her worked up in this state. Once into the treatment room she hopped onto the couch, removing her clothes as normal and leaving her underwear on. To my delight she was wearing a peekaboo bra and a laced g string which showed her perfect pussy neatly trimmed. I started to work on her back well aware of the tent in my trousers, I was embarrassed as I knew it was obvious but tried to remain cool and confident as she gave me a few 'accidental' nudges in the groin.

As I applied the oil to the base of her back she moaned with pleasure and asked me to work the lower spine, I told her I was at the base and she told me she was sure I'd left a few vertebrae out. I gulped any lower I was in her crack but if she was happy with this so was I. So I drizzled warm oil into the top of her ass and started circling my thumbs releasing any pressure, not low enough she grumbled. I was trying not to pant as by now her pink daisy was marginally covered by a thread of white lace. Let me help you work better, lets unleash the python she giggled coyly and reached for my zip, before I could protest my little man shot free and was level with her face on the couch.

I massaged the oil lower and lower until I made contact with her warm and by now wet pussy; she squeaked with joy as I deliberately and discreetly added some menthol in sending her crazy. Oh my god, my pussy what have you done it's on fire and I demand you fuck it immediately, it needs soothing she cried. I wasted no time as I was sex starved by now and this hot little thing had been teasing me for weeks so she was going to be fucked till she couldn't walk. I pushed myself in one huge and fast sweep till I had buried myself in her folds; I was in deep up to the hilt. I pinned her down and held her enjoying the moment of her sweet pussy holding my erect and pulsing cock; I felt her muscles contract with want. She wriggled under me begging me to move, pleading with me to piston in and out she wanted it hard and fast.

I started a gentle rhythm which intensified till beads of sweat were running from me, her juices were running down my shaft, drenching me with her nectar. She started panting then coming in multiple orgasms, I could ride it with her, holding her as she shook, her thighs trembling. I pulled her off the couch and onto a floor mat I instructed her to go on fours, she was tired but my stamina had not subsided and I intended on coming several times with her before she left. I plunged into her hot snatch again, smacking her ass till it was red on every stroke. She was coming again crying and asking me to stop as she couldn't take another orgasm but I wouldn't let up, she had teased me for several weeks and I wasn't done yet. With a huge heave and the tightening of her milking my balls with her cunt I came with such force it blew me away. I held my flaccid cock inside her and pulled on her breasts in a milking action, till she was groaning in a pleasure pain sensation begging to cum again.

Since then Diane booked more sessions until we became an official 'item', I lost good revenue but I spent every night with this incredible fucking machine when she moved in with me.