The Meat Feast


I started walking along the side of the A6 just North of Luton trying to thumb a lift, it was a rare boiling hot day when a van stopped for me, I was so grateful to escape the heat. The side door opened and I jumped in, not even thinking of what might happen next. As soon as I got in, the driver took off and I noticed that there were two other guys in the back and they were completely naked! It was mega hot in that van and I was already sweating from walking along the side of the road for fifteen minutes out in the hot sun and now after just a few seconds of being in that furnace-like van, I'm really sweating.

He said that they were going around the country and filming total strangers getting fucked by strangers and that they were hoping that I'd be up for that. Well actually, this has been a fantasy of mine for some time, so I readily agreed. The two guys in back seemed to almost jump when I said that and one of them started slowly stroking his cock as they both stared at me. We were all sweating like crazy so when he said to take my clothes off I didn't argue I was so hot in more ways than one.

This was a weird feeling knowing I'd soon have two strangers fucking their cocks into my sweaty asshole in the back of a hot, carpeted van moving through Buckinghamshire. I sat my naked ass on the floor of the van and one of the guys started rubbing his rough hands all over my body as I lay on the floor. It really felt weird to be laying there naked with my cock hanging out getting harder by the second, as those two sweaty, naked strangers were rubbing me all over.

The other stranger lifted me up and bent me over the carpeted bench so that I was on my hands and knees and he started to spread my ass cheeks and he started to lick and tongue and finger my asshole. It felt amazing, he groaned over and over as he kept licking until my cock was as hard as theirs were. He squirted some liquid in my ass and the next thing I knew I was getting my tight little hole reamed by a sweaty, slippery stranger's cock, and it felt good. He just kept pounding into my backside, slapping my ass cheeks in-between pumps!

My sweaty ass cheeks made a cracking sound when he sharply spanked them in-between ramming his cock in my slippery hole. This was great, getting spanked and fucked by a total stranger as we were both dripping with sweat in the back of a moving van!! I wondered how much sweat, dirt, cum and other things had been dripped on that carpet. It really made me feel naughty and dirty and I loved it, being pushed down onto that dirty carpet and fucked hard and fast.

The other naked guy started spanking my ass too, they were both really aroused and weren't about to stop until they unloaded a pint of hot sperm up my asshole. Which is what I was hoping for, to feel their hot sperm shooting up inside of my colon. This didn't make the passenger too happy to have these guys fucking me already, but he couldn't stop them so he just grabbed the camera and started filming.

It wasn't long before the first guy started moaning and he really started slamming into my wide gapping hole, bouncing off of my sweaty butt cheeks as he shot his hot, sticky cum as far up my ass as he could, slapping my ass at the same time. "Can you feel my cum shooting up your ass, your asshole is so tight"? Almost the instant that the first guy's sticky cock plopped out of my sticky asshole, the other guy slid his much bigger cock inside me and started going to town. Fuck, fuck, ram, ram, shove... Pounding and slithering that huge, fat, cock in-between my little tight butt cheeks. It felt like a snake was being forced in my asshole every time he slid that thing in me.

It felt so good to be totally filled up like that, his cock was the biggest I'd ever taken it totally filled my ass. I told him it felt so amazing and I knew that it must look amazing on film to see that huge dick squeezing between my tight little butt cheeks and disappearing up my asshole. I could barely take any more of that huge cock ramming into me. I felt like I was going to faint from the great feeling of being stretched out so much and the nerve endings in my asshole being abused and stretched like that! I couldn't believe that that guy could slide his fat cock into such a tight, slippery hole for so long without cumming. Well, just as I thought that, I felt his grip on my waist tighten and he started moaning.

"Ahhhhhhhhh I'm cumming in his ass! I'm going to give you a hot cum enema, your little ass is so sexy and tight" He started spraying a huge load of hot, sticky sperm up my asshole and it totally filled me up and started shooting out around the sides of his cock, but he just kept ramming into me!! It feels so good to have that hot sperm shooting up my ass, I'm on the brink of ecstasy and about to cum.

Seeing this, the other guy put my cock in his mouth and that's all it took! "OOHHHHHHH!! I'm Cumming!!!!" was all that I could get out before I shot my much smaller load into the guy's mouth just as the other guy was finishing up unloading an unbelievable amount of hot cum in my ass. It'll be all I can do to keep it in there so it doesn't leak out. I'm so horny and feeling so dirty and nasty by this point that I was wishing that I could have sucked all of that hot cum out of my own ass.

Well, the big-cocked guy was ready with a butt plug that he shoved up my slippery asshole to keep all of their hot cum in me! As they dropped me off I walked stiffly through the town which was packed with shoppers and I smiled as the butt plug massaged my ass as a reminder of the best afternoon ever.

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