The Music Teacher – Lesson Two


I had wondered if Brett would show up this week after his 'Mrs Robinson' moment in his last lesson, but true to form he swaggered up the path at 4pm on Thursday afternoon. I could feel the sexual tension before he even rang the doorbell, I took a final glance in the mirror adjusted my tight pencil skirt and made sure my blouse was gapping open to show off my perky breast and erect nipples.

As soon as he was in the door he pounced on me like a starved tiger, there was a look of pure lust in his eyes as his tongue prised open my mouth and his hand immediately delved between my thighs, at this stage my pussy was dripping wet as he reached round to cup my ass. He then slid two fingers inside me, parting my labia and pulled my pussy lips to his mouth. He let me hump his mouth and tongue as he put a finger against my ass and pushed lightly, just enough to feel the pressure and heightening my pleasure. I could feel his balls tightening and his cock felt like it might explode at any second. He put his hands around my waist and threw me down on the sofa.

He was over me instantly, bending his mouth to meet mine, swirling his tongue around. I could taste myself on his lips and tongue and we spent time slowly enjoying the flavour of each other mingled together. I could feel Brett's hard erection against her stomach as I wriggled my way up his body until it slid against my pussy.
Brett took my hands and pushed them above my head as he sat up slightly, pushing the tip of his cock gently against my tight and aching pussy.

I was so wet and tight he could barely keep himself from thrusting all the way in, so he started teasing me by pulling out. I raised my hips to meet his groin that I had wanted so badly and had thought of nothing else since last week. He pulled my thighs against him and entered me again, prising his cock in slowly inch by inch until he was almost fully inside me. He pulled out again slowly as my pussy clenched and tightened around his shaft, using my internal muscles to hold him. He used his thumb to gently stroke my wet clit and I let my legs fall open and wrapped them around his back. Brett pulled his shaft all the way out again and then plunged it all the way in, letting his balls smack against my ass. He let out a groan as my whole pussy enveloped him, squeezing him, milking him so tight and using my years of experience to teach him.

I squeezed and clenched around him, grabbing him tight with my legs and the feeling of his thumb on my clit was bringing me close to orgasm again. I thrust my pussy against his dick, matching his and soon we were caught in a rhythmic melody. Our moans filled the music study and as our rising orgasms came to the surface as he leaned over and sucked my nipple hard into his mouth, thrusting into my tight wetness. It was all too much for Brett and I dug my nails into his back as a huge orgasm caused our bodies to shake. Brett continued thrusting kept orgasms ripping though my body. My clenching and flooding pussy was drawing out his orgasm too
and I felt his hot come inside as he ground himself against my slick pussy. My own wetness and semen was dripping out and onto my legs and down my thighs, making a large wet spot on that little tattered sofa. Brett shuddered and he collapsed on my heaving breasts.

Once again all good things must come to an end and we both agreed the same time, same place next week. Brett asked me what availability did I have as he a few friends that had suddenly expressed an interest in learning the piano. He even offered to share some of his lesson time if he brought a friend along next time, to which I said that sounded like a very kind hearted offer and would be delighted to assist.