My Sweet Dreams with Peter


Karina had the same dream every night. It was a dream that always made her wake up wet between her legs. Although in real life she was a shy and quiet girl, in her dreams Karina was confident and dominating. Sometimes when she got home from work she would go straight to bed so that she could escape to her dreams and the girl she really wanted to be.

In her dreams, Karina was a high class escort whose clients worshipped her every move. She would dominate them and they would please her. Last night she dreamt of a man named Peter, a business man in his early forties with a bit of stubble and a soft touch. He was already naked although unable to touch her. "Close your eyes Peter", she ordered. He did as he was told and awaited her next command. Karina unzipped the back of her dress and let it fall t the floor. She then threw her underwear to one side so she was naked too. She lay on the bed with her legs spread wide and then told Peter to open his eyes.

She heard him exhale slowly as he admired her soft skin and womanly curves. Unsure of what to do next he stood and waited. "I want you to touch me very slowly, don't rush, touch and caress me until I am dripping wet." Peter didn't need telling twice. He raced over to her and began to touch her. Stroking the inside of her thighs his touch was as light as a feather and she began to moan and groan encouraging him when he hit a hot or tender spot.

She let his hands wander all over her body until she couldn't take anymore. "Fuck me now" she demanded. Already rock hard Peter climbed on top of her easing his cock into her wet pussy. He pushed harder until he was deep inside her and she gasped with pleasure and delight.

Just as Peter started to pump away with a steady rhythm Karina woke up, horny and frustrated, she learned a long time ago to keep a vibrator by her bed for when she was aroused. She finished herself off, exploding into orgasm, crying out with ecstasy. Once she had finished she rolled over and closed her eyes, ready for her next erotic dream.