Naughty Girl


You belong to me. I'm sure those men in there would have thoroughly enjoyed you. However, you are not theirs to enjoy without my expressed permission. If and when you will fuck other men is entirely up to me. You feel the familiar buzz, coupled with the pressure from the plug. You're in a daze.

"Good girl. Now, get down on your knees." You comply without a second thought, the gravel from path digging into your skin. You hope no one drives by and consider what it would be like to have a random stranger watch you submit, on your knees, to this man. Although your brain is telling you it would be horrifying, your dripping pussy says otherwise.

You're pulled out of your fantasy by the sound of a zipper, and you realise what's about to happen. As he pulls out his flaccid cock, maybe five or six inches you think, surprised at its length while soft, you prepare yourself. You're no stranger to sucking men off, although you've never done it outside of the comfort of a home. The excitement of getting caught only makes you more eager to perform, and you find yourself salivating at the thought of his cock between your lips. Additionally, you find yourself wanting to prove yourself to him, to show him that you can turn him on, too.

Without warning, he shoves you back down to your knees and forces your face onto his cock, now a fully erect eight or nine inches. He slams his member to the back of your throat, forcing you to gag. Holding you there, he says, "This is what happens when sluts disobey. Those panties better stay off this time, bitch." You don't make a move or a sound. You just kneel there, forehead pressed against his shirt, ass and pussy on display, mouth full of cock.

He grabs two fistfuls of your hair, pushing you as far as possible against his body, seemingly not caring that you're quickly losing oxygen. After what seems like an eternity, he pulls you off and away from him, suspending you a few inches from the tip of his member. You gasp for air, but are pulled back onto his cock far too quickly. He continues this motion a few more times, pressing you into him for ten seconds or so each time. You try to grow accustomed to breathing through your nose while trying not to gag, but have difficulty. You begin to cough around his cock, gasping for air.

His response is not what you had hoped. "Choke on it, pet. You'll have to get used to it sooner or later." His tone is casual, almost as if he's about to laugh. He then pulls you off of him, allowing you a second to catch your breath. The moment ends too soon as he changes his game: he's now pulling you back and forth faster and faster on his cock, basically fucking your face. In a strange way, you almost prefer this, as you know it will be over soon. You can sense his impending orgasm.

"I swear to God, if you waste one drop of this..." He doesn't bother finishing the sentence, and instead finishes in your mouth. The hot cum nails the back of your throat and you swallow it down as quickly as possible. You've never minded the taste of a man's ejaculation.

Just then, you hear laughter and cat calls behind you. A pit forms in your stomach as you realise a few men have exited the bar. With his hands still wrapped in your hair, holding you on his emptying cock, you cannot move, even to cover yourself. You try to look up at him, but the angle is too difficult to adjust. What seems like hours is only mere seconds that he keeps you on display like this, showing off his prize to these onlookers. Finally, he releases you.

"Well done, pet," he praises, tucking away his shrinking cock. You silently wish he would indicate you could cover up as well. Instead, he leaves you on your knees, ass still exposed. You hear applause behind you, but don't turn around, knowing it will only humiliate you more. He, on the other hand, pretends to bow for the onlookers. Pulling you up from the ground, your knees grateful for the release, he spins you around to face the four men that have gathered outside for a smoke. Your eyes are glued to the ground as your cheeks redden and your pussy moistens.