Prom in a Truck?


It was back when she was in high school that Kacey had the most romantic yet random experience with her then-boyfriend. She had just turned 18 and finishing school was just around the corner. Her school friends were going crazy about their up and coming prom and being asked, but not for Kacey, as her boyfriend had yet to even ask her or mention anything about the prom.

They were taking a late night drive in his truck one Sunday evening as per usual, when her boyfriend pulled into a quiet, local car park. In the pitch black of the night, he got out of the truck and motioned to Kacey to do the same. There was nothing but stars lighting their way.

As she walked to the back of his pickup truck, she nervously waited as he was fumbling with something, and then as she moved closer, she caught a glimpse at what he was doing, and with a gasp, let out a giant, "Awwww!!!"

To her delightful surprise, her boyfriend had a whole picnic set up, just for the two of them, right there in the back of his truck. He had everything from a red and white tablecloth, to a blanket, a wicker basket full of food and even a nice bottle of wine.

They spent hours sitting in the back of his cab, munching on snacks, sipping apple cider and gazing up at the stars.

"It's getting late!" Kacey said, as she remembered her midnight curfew.

"Just one more thing." He responded, as he handed her a single rose with a ribbon attached to it. On that ribbon there was a one word note... "Prom?"

Ecstatic and completely in awe from the amazing night, Kacey screeched and turned to her boyfriend to plant a big kiss on him. She cupped his face in her hands as she kissed him passionately, letting him know that the whole night was perfect, but there was just one thing missing. As she leaned back from the kiss, she looked into her boyfriend's eyes, and just said, "Sex?"

Without another word, her boyfriend rolled her down onto her back, holding her tightly while kissing her neck. He softly grazed his lips over her collarbone as he slid his hand up her inner thigh and under her skirt. He could feel her pussy getting wet.

She moaned and demanded for him to just fuck her straight away, as she reached down and unzipped his trousers, pulling his large cock out of his boxers. As her boyfriend pulled her knickers to the side, Kacey took the head of his penis and teased her little teenage clit with it. She then slid it from her clit down her lips to her hole and pushed it into her, feeling it stretch her little pussy.

It was only a few moments and Kacey could feel him getting ready to cum. He pounded and thrusted deep inside her, as he grew closer and closer to climax. Kacey reached down and tickled her clit as her boyfriend looked, his cock pounding her pussy hard. He fucked her faster and harder, deeper and stronger, and she moaned in complete ecstasy as she continued to watch the large, hard, cock pumping in and out of her.

"Where do you want me to cum" he asked? As she lifted up her shirt and motioned to her tits. He pulled his swollen cock out from inside her tight pussy and stroked it one last time with his hand as he exploded all over her perky, round breasts. Kacey moaned as she trailed her fingers through the cum that was lying in puddles on her chest.

With a big sigh of complete satisfaction, they lay there in the back of the truck in the moonlight. Her boyfriend looked at her, smiled, and then said "I'm guessing that's a yes!"