Punishment of Slave 46


As requested Slave 46 was brought to the correction room down in the basement of the manor, by Mike and John Lady Grey trusted henchmen, all he was wearing was a thick leather collar and a metal cock cage. Lady Grey was there in a back bask and thigh length leather boots. Lady Grey moved her head and Slave 46 was manhandled onto a bench in the middle of the room and his hand was strapped over his head. They them moved to his feed and they were also strapped to a rod up and over his shoulders. Lady Grey came over to him once he was tied down and taking a key removed his cock cage, as soon as it was removed, his cock instantly became hard.

Lady Grey come over to his head and whispered into his ear, for talking to the client you are going to be punished for the rest of the day, enjoy.

He couldn't figure out what the horse was for, until he saw John attaching the dildo to the long metal pole sticking out from the front. He felt his asshole pucker at the thought of what was about to happen to him next.

"Please wait..., please mistress..." he started, begging for mercy. John ignored his pleading as he took the extension cord and plugged it into the wall socket. The horse machine suddenly started rocking back and forth, causing the long arm and dildo to pump through the air.

John adjusted the timer on the side of the horse, setting various degrees of difficulty before aligning the horse up with Slave 46 vulnerable asshole. "Mistress please, ..., don't do this to me...! I'm begging you! I'll do whatever you want! I'll let you fuck me whenever you want...! Please..., don't leave me here like this...!" "You already do what I want...!" stated Lady Grey, letting John set the machine as close to the bench as possible. The long arm aimed right up against Slave 46 anus. John pushed the fat rubbery (lifelike) dildo into the salve's ass, and turned the machine back on.

"OH GOD...!" gasped the slave as the horse started fucking him wildly, the long arm punching back and forth, causing the 9" dildo to penetrate in and out of the bull's-eye a good 8 inches without dislodging.

"I thought you'd like this...!" smiled Lady Grey deviously as she watched him struggle against the restraints. "No need in you trying to escape, you're securely strapped!" said Lady Grey, proud of her henchman handiwork. "I've set the machine to fuck you really hard for the first 20 minutes, then to slow down to a gentler pace after you've undoubtedly blown your first load. Then after about 30 minutes of slow fucking, it'll start to build a steady pace until it's raping you hard again! And I've put the cycle on repeat, so you'll get that sensation all day! Oh..., and don't worry about drying out..., the dildo shoots its own lubricant into you every 30 minutes for so...!"

"Please, what if I have to pee...!" begged Slave 46, flinching in pain as the dildo wrecked havoc across his prostate and bladder.

"So pee!" said Lady Grey, nonchalantly. "You're going to be tied up here all day..., I suspect you would've made quite a mess by the time I return tonight...!" continued Lady Grey heading towards to the door. "Oh, by the way..., I wouldn't try calling out for help me if I were you..., not unless you to be punished further.

Slave 46 pulled at the restraints which were locked around his wrist. The dildo fucked in and out of him roughly at top speed, jack hammering through his rectum like a runaway train. Slave 46 dick

Hardened against his will. Slave 46 jerked as liquid suddenly started pouring out of his hard cock, splattering all over his face, chest, and stomach. But it wasn't cum shooting from erection, it was urine. Jake felt totally humiliated tied to bench with a large hard mechanical dildo sliding in and out at top speed, and warm piss flowing all over him.

This was going to be a rough day!