Is He for Real


I woke with a startle I had sensed another person in my bedroom. I looked at the clock and it was only 11.30pm. I had only been asleep half an hour but it felt like hours, so I settled back down and just started to doze off. Click and a cold sensation on my hands, I tried to move them but I realised with a panic I was cuffed to my own bed just as my feet became attached to the bed. I started banging and trying to wriggle free, I was on the verge of calling for help when a ball gag was placed in my mouth and a blindfold was placed on me.

A male voice said you are in no danger, Im not here to hurt you only to give you the pleasure you have been seeking. Dont think we havent noticed you at GAY checking out the fetish guys, we know your sort you want it to experiment so badly but lack confidence and trust. Tonight Syd your dreams will come true. Hell he even knew my name so I did relax a little and what he had said was true I had wanted to venture into this realm but didnt know how too.

I felt oil being slide up and down my body by firm strong masculine hands, he smelt of Aramis which oddly enough was what my boyfriend Wayne wore. Shit Wayne, what would he say, what of he found out Id cheated even though it wasnt exactly my fault. I heard Waynes voice in the darkness say do whatever he tells you Louis you will enjoy with my blessing. My cock was placed into a cage a clamp placed upon my nipples. I could feel an electrical charge tingling them. My cock was twitching and it felt uncomfortable in the cage, which seemed to make it worse. My ball sac and ass was lubricated and I felt an icy cold and wetness pop into my sphincter just as my nipples grew warm, in fact I could smell wax in the room and the heat being applied to the base of my cock whilst my ass was so cold.

Now if you behave and dont struggle I will uncuff your ankles, any funny tricks and you will be cuffed and thrashed. My legs were free but it was only momentarily before they were trussed upwards and over my own shoulders and roped into place. I could feel the tension and excitement I knew my dripping and cold ass was hanging in the air for anything to happen to it. I tried to speak through the gag for which all of a sudden a thwack and a stinging sensation hit my buttocks, as I caught breathe I was paddled again. I was told I was going to be a plaything and as I awaited the next sting it came from a whip, I could feel the tip lash against my ball sac. The pain was excruciating and I bit down on the gag as it cracked through the air again. My cheeks were parted again and inside and out was rubbed with ice, the relief was tremendous. My cock was begging to fuck I was rock hard the cage hurt but all this pleasure pain was what I dreamt about.

Im just an ordinary gay guy living in Greenford now I living a dream and I wanted more. Oil was poured down my crack and I felt a cold object pushing my ring, shit this was very hard and very big. It started thrusting in and once past the muscle it started to glide in, stretching me like never before. As this unknown person kept thrusting me with what I later learnt was a truncheon, I could feel Waynes hand turning the nipple clamps tighter and hot wax poured over me again. I couldnt see but all my sensors were being turned on and I was trying not to come.

The truncheon was removed, my shackles released and more importantly my cock was free. I made a dash to jerk off but was immediately whipped for it. I was told I would be fucked with a cock bigger than my buttocks could take. Wide eyed and scared but so excited not being able to see or talk I had no choice but to accept it. Wayne was placed in front of me with his ass waiting and lubed I was guided into his bowels just as the searing sensation splattered my ass open wide.

It was a double penetration and we all tore at each other with a raw passion and with a huge grunt I came as my ass was filled only to feel Wayne shooting his seed. Within seconds the other guy and all his gear had disappeared. It was just Wayne and I who acted as if nothing out of the ordinary had happened. I was confused was that other guy for real or was he just my erotic imagination.