She's Got a Rich Load


Becky has always steered more to the wealthy side of clients. She is one of the sexiest girls amongst the escorts and knew that she was a prized possession and deserved only the highest paying clients. Call it shady, but the men sure loved to throw her big bills and always came back for more. She always assessed the wealth of a man prior to going into her appointment. If they are at a hotel, she will look at their car. If she sees an Escalade, Cadillac or Mustang, she is eager to please and her knickers get wet just knowing how good a wealthy man tastes. It wasn't only about the money though. Becky knew she was a hot commodity, and with wealth came a different kind of man... A man who she couldn't resist.

One now, she decided to give a new client the benefit of the doubt. He didn't do so well on her first assessment as his house didn't appear to be anything spectacular from afar. It wasn't big. The car seemed normal, and it really appeared that she was about the blow the load of an average Joe. However, you know what they always say - Don't judge a book by the cover, and Becky certainly ate her words.

Her client was heavy set. He was a beast compared to her tiny frame, and she knew that her dominating ways would have to be sacrificed because he was simply so large. This didn't bother her though. She always loved a challenge. He first offered her a drink and they made small talk for a bit. Nothing exciting, just some time to set the mood. Becky moved closer to her client and placed her soft lips on his and gave him the sweetest, slightest peck. She leaned back to see her client already pleased with her service.

Becky began to unbutton her blouse and revealed her massive set of DD tits. Her client reached for her tights and slipped them into his mouth. She threw her head back and moaned. His warm, wet tongue felt so good on her nipples. They were sensitive and her body began to quiver. He slid his hands down her tight body and placed one inside of her knickers, moaning to the warmth of her pussy that was soaking his hand. He unzipped his pants with the other and pushed Becky back onto the couch, his mouth still sucking hard on her tits.

Becky was surprised. He was doing it all and was enjoying getting her off. She peaked down to get a look at his dick that he was tightly grasping in his hand. She asked if he wanted to fuck her. She asked him how it was best for him, keeping his weight in consideration. They agreed that Becky's tight, petite body on top was not only the best position, but the best view. He confessed that he didn't want to stop playing with her tits.

Just at that moment, Becky hiked up her dress and sat down on his dick, watching his eyes roll in the back of his head. She rocked her pussy back and forth, side to side, up and down. She grinded long and hard on his rich dick, waiting for the bigger prize to unleash a delicious load for her. He grabbed tightly on her tits, pinching her nipples every couple of minutes as she continued to rock on his cock. Just as he was about to reach climax, Becky lifted herself off of his dick and slammed back down on his shaft, long and hard. He immediately quivered and gave her the money load. He was sweaty and out of breath, but the big man paid up more than Becky had expected.