Roxana’s Special Date


Mike was one of Roxana's usual date partners. He liked things hard and rough when they got down and dirty, so when he called, Roxana was extremely eager to meet up with him. She was dying for a good fuck.

She met him at the same hotel, at the same time as they usually met. Mike was waiting there with her favourite glass of red wine, as per usual. This is another reason why Roxana enjoyed her nights with Mike so much. He was a gentleman on the exterior, but once she got him alone, he'd cut loose and be all over her, just the way she liked it.

As Roxana drunk her last drop of wine, Mike was ready to tie her up and make her his whore. As she set her empty wine glass on the side table, she stood up and pushed Mike, who was standing, back down into the chair. Roxana began to undress for him, teasingly revealing every inch of her sweet body. She slowly unbuttoned her white blouse, button by button, staring deep into Mike's eyes. He didn't blink once. She then turned around, swinging her hips and facing her arse right in Mike's face. As she bent down to pull down her skirt to her ankles, Mike' was happy to see her bare, plush pussy right in front of his face.

He slowly stood up and walked Roxana over to the bed, in which he forcefully threw her on. He pulled out some kinky handcuffs from the bedside table and cuffed her arms behind her back as he took off his clothes. She tried to turn around but he immediately pinned her back to the bed. As he leaned down towards Roxana, she could feel his large cock rest in between her arse cheeks. She was nervous about taking such a big cock in her ass, but after all, she didn't have a choice, as she was willingly being his whore.

Mike placed his big, muscular hands on Roxana's sweet arse and spread her apart to spit on her hole. One by one, he began to insert anal beads into her spit filled arsehole as he slammed his thick cock deep into her pussy. He grabbed Roxana's arms that were still cuffed behind her back, and pulled her towards him as he plunged deep into her hole.

As he continued to pound her pussy, with the anal beads still deep in her arse, he pulled out yet another toy from the bedside table, only this time, it was a ball to place in Roxana's mouth to not only gag her, but to stop her from screaming.

He laid her on her side, spooning behind her, closely watching as he slowly pulled each anal bead out of her tight hole, with his other hand flicking her clit. Roxana moaned as she felt herself getting wet to the point of dripping. Mike slowly inserted his huge, thick dick into her arse, inch by inch. He thrust his cock in and out, stretching Roxana's little arsehole. It began to hurt as he was so big, but the more she hesitated, the harder he fucked her ass. Just as she took all of him deep inside her, Mike placed his hand over her throat as he jammed his cock further and further, exploding and relieving himself completely inside her arsehole.

That was the first time cute Roxana got fucked in a really hard way, and she loved every moment of it.