Talented Escorts Maegan and Jessie


Things were already heated. Bras and panties were flying all over the place. Jessie got wet as I ground against her seductively. My cock was already firm and ready for action. I allowed my cock to cradle in the crease of her pussy before entering her slowly.

“Oh fuck, yesssss,” she whimpered as I pushed my cock all the way in her tight pussy.

Meagan moved towards me and held my face firm kissing my lips. I responded eagerly. Meagan moved over Jessie who was flat on her back opening her legs wide so that Jessie could eat her pussy. Meagan’s lips moved from mine and travelled down my body. With each movement her perfect ass tilted up in the air. It wasn’t long before she was in the 69 position over Jessie and licking my shaft every time it came out of Jessie.

I watched as Meagan rubbed Jessie’s swollen clit between her fingers before taking it once again in her mouth. As Meagan increased speed Jessie squirmed under her and moaned loudly. I increased my speed as Maegan’s lips once again found mine even though her hand didn’t leave Jessie. Jessie screamed at as she squirted her juice al over me.

“Now it’s your turn to come babe,” Maegan said before taking my cock in her mouth.

Meagan moaned against my cock as Jessie teased her pussy with her tongue. I held Meagan’s head and pounded my cock into her mouth until I exploded in her mouth. Maegan’s lips tightened against my cock and she swallowed my cum just as she reached her climaxed.

Jessie sat up and stroked my cock while Meagan placed just the tip of it in her mouth. Jessie moved Maegan over and sat on my already firm cock with her back on my chest. Maegan had now moved between our legs sucking my cock and Jessie’s pussy as she bounced up and down. I reached out and squeezed her breasts and she moaned softly. She bounced hard filling my cock in deep as her as it could go. Maegan made sure that Jessie squired her juices all over me.

They then took turns sucking my cock cleaning Jessie’s juices from it then adding their own. I looked down as the tip of Jessie’s tongue swirled around my cock while Maegan teased the sensitive underside of it. I played with their frim breasts and slapping their asses playfully to which they shook them for me. As Jessie moved her mouth further down my cock, Meagan pushed me back slowly until I was lying back on the bed. She hopped on my face and fed me her pussy.

She began jerking me faster and my hands reached up and held Maegan’s breasts firmly. I moved my hips upward trying to fuck her mouth as best as I could but Jessie planted her legs firmly outside of mine restricting my movements. I could feel my body tensing once more and Jessie wrapped her lips tighter around my cock, flickering her tongue seductively. I squeezed my eyes together and let out a grunt as I shot my cum down her throat.

“Oh fuck,” Maegan moan as she emptied herself over me.

I rolled over and pinned Meagan underneath me. I jerked my cock off quickly and when it was hard I slid it easily into her. I watched as her large breasts bounced around as I pounded her pussy. I bent over and sucked her pretty pink nipples. I slammed her pussy over and over keeping her breasts occupied and warm with my mouth.

Yesssss…your cook feels so good in me. Fuck me, fuck me harder.”

I bent her knees and drove my cock into her as hard as I could. She shrieked but didn’t tell me to stop so I continued until her juices over flowed ad seeped onto the bed. I watched as the girls changed under me and now Jessie’s ass was arched in front of me. She held her ass cheeks open inviting me to fuck her asshole.

Meagan gave me a quick suck before I was ready to go again. I moaned under her touch. I held her head over my cock rotated my hips over her mouth. She moaned over my cock as she grabbed my ass and squeezed it. I allowed her to go free as my attention now turned to Jessie’s fine ass.

I rubbed the tip of my cock around her ass, teasing her, taunting her. She wiggled backwards urging me to take her quickly. I eased my cock into her ass my cock loving the tightness that it was surrounded by. I pushed it in a little bit then pulled it back out, pushed it in a little then pulled it back out. She whimpered a bit and looked back at me with longing. I then quickly buried my cock in her, hitting as deep in her ass as I could possibly go.

Maegan let her hand drape under Jessie and played with her clit and my balls. My hands roamed between her breast and her ass trying to hold out for as long as I possible could. It wasn’t an easy task when you were fucking two gorgeous Latin escorts. I tried to slow down as I began to build once more but Jessie begged me not to.

“Please don’t stop, don’t fucking stop I want to cum, I want to cum.”

Meagan’s speed was constant until Jessie screamed out that she wanted to cum. “I want you to com baby, come for me baby,” Meagan said as she rubbed Jessie’s clit hard. When Jessie came it was hard. The warmth of her juices took me over the edge and once more I filled my own liquids.

“That’s a good girl,” Maegan said before kissing Jessie slightly.

The girls then kissed me and got up to freshen up to take their leave. I threw on an old t-shirt and boxers and waited for them in the living room. They each gave me a passionate kiss before bidding me farewell.

“We’ll see you soon?” Jessie asks in her heavy accent.

“Most definitely.”

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