Teaching a Tease a very bad lesson


Escort girls love sex toys, especially when they can be played with a client, so on her day off, Kara headed out on a shopping excursion. She was no stranger to adult entertainment stores and the majority of them knew her by first name. After all, you could never forget such a stunning blonde like Kara. She had long, straight hair, and a figure that could make all men, and women, completely melt in their knickers. She has a power and she knew it. Kara was always able to get whatever she wanted because of the way people desired her.

"Back again, Kara?" The store manager asked as she walked into the adult entertainment doors.

"I need something... Powerful," Kara replied, "Give me the best thing you have." She smirked. The manager grabbed Kara's hand and led her into the store sitting area and motioned for her to sit down across from a full size mirror. The two began to chit-chat and talk about their latest boy problems. The manager listened closely as she ran her hands down Kara's shoulders. After catching up on the latest, the manager suggested that Kara needs to kick it up a notch with something, "Serious" she said as she handed Kara a package and sent her on her way.

The next day, Kara headed to an appointment, with her new mystery, a black choker with a lock, around her neck. As her client opened the door, he stood there staring at her, amazed at the true beauty that was staring back at him. The thought of having Kara ride his dick got him immediately excited, so he wasted no time and motioned for her to come inside of his home.

Kara handed a key to her client that was small and gold. Confused, her client obliged and placed it on his bedside table.

"You are my key holder. I am yours and you shall have me in whatever way you please. I shall obey all of your commands and be the filthy slut that you desire." She spoke. She had always been the dominator and switching the roles with a new client made her anxious. She felt fear and angst, worry yet excitement as she swore away her rights and became the slut that she was not used to being.

"Oh, so you want to play?" Her client spoke as he took on a new demeanor, "You are just a little tease, aren't you? A worthless piece of eye candy. A little slut... Just like you said."

Tears began to roll down Kara's cheeks, partially because of his words, and partially because she knew that she was about to become just that... A worthless slut. "Yes, Master. I am just a tease, a slut, completely worthless." She looked up into her Master's eyes, "Command me, and I shall do as you please."

Her client seemed hostile, not sure as to whether Kara was playing a joke. "How about I command you to go fuck yourself?" He said.

"Yes, Master." Kara responded, not knowing exactly what he meant. She trailed her hands down her body, leaving one grasping her tit and the other down across her crotch as she began to rub the outside of her jeans. As she continued to rub her pussy, she trailed the other hand up to her mouth as she began to suck her finger. She moved her saliva around her finger as she smirked at her client and trailed her soaking wet finger underneath her pants until she could feel the warmth and moisture of her own pussy lips.

Although it's not what he meant, her client was left speechless... Wondering how far Kara would go. Was she being serious right now? The look on her face as she bit her lip and slid her finger into her pussy convinced him that she was definitely, very serious. She was his slut. She bent her knees and slid herself to the floor, laying on her back, grinded on her hand which was still under her pants. Her body shuddered as she grew closer to climax. She moved her head from side to side, moaning and biting her lip as she continued to rock her own pussy.

"Strip!" He demanded.

Excited for her client to finally join in on the fun, Kara kicked off her stilettos heels, unbuckled her belt and slid her jeans over her hips and down her legs, until they were resting on the floor. To her client's delight, she was not wearing any knickers and he watched as her wet finger slid in and out of her warm pussy. Kara rolled over and got on all fours as she continued to tease her master. After all, that's all she was to him, right?

"You fucking tease," He said as he knelt down behind her, "I'll teach you not to be a fucking tease." Her client immediately grabbed her hips with one hand and bounded both of her arms behind her back with his other hand and thrust his hard cock deep in her pussy.

Kara squealed from the sudden penetration. "You don't like that, do you, you whore?" He said, "This is what happens to teases!" Her client grabbed onto her wrists so hard that she could feel them bruising. He pounded so hard inside of her, she was certain he ripped her little hole. Kara looked over her shoulder to see a completely different side to her once-hesitant client. He had a mean, sadistic look to him. It was as if he had been teased his entire life by pretty girls, and now he was getting his revenge.

"It hurts being a tease, doesn't it?" He said as he thrusted harder and harder.

"Yes, Master. I will never tease you again." Kara spoke, meaning every last word. His hard cock was plunging inside of her, giving her all kinds of pleasure and pain. Her eyes were squinting shut and she squealed as he grabbed her harder and fucked her deeper.

"Beg me to stop." Her Master spoke.

"Please stop, Master. It hurts... Please... I'm begging you..." To her delight, her client pulled his dick outside of her pussy and reached his hand up to the bedside table. He grabbed the key and with his other hand, grabbed Kara's throat.

"Gonna need this wide open." He said as he jiggled the little gold key into the lock on her choker. She felt relieved from the tight chocker being released, but it wasn't over yet.

"Open your fucking mouth." Her client demanded, "You're gonna take all of me deep down that little teasing throat of yours."

Being the good slave that she was, Kara opened her mouth as her client pinched her nose with his fingers. He threw his dick hard and deep into her throat, making her gag on his girth. He shot a hot stream of cum right down her throat, pulsating every time she gagged and tried to pull back from his dick. He quivered inside of her throat and chuckled as she pulled back, allowing Kara to finally catch her breath.

"Fucking tease. That'll teach you." He said as he got up and threw the key at her.