Three Excuses to Get the Girl Gone


Getting a girl to leave in the morning seems to be one of man's biggest challenges. There are even several songs that have been recorded about it! First of all, if she is still there in the morning, there's a problem, because she should have taken the hint and left once the sex was over, but girls are emotional and can be clingy, and if you roll over in the morning to find a raccoon-eyed, not as sexy as you remembered, girl snoring and drooling in your bed, then its time for you to get her to go. Hopefully luck was on your side and she left of her own accord during the night, but if that wasn't the case, then follow these tips and drop some hints to let her know its time to go.

Mention work, or anything that usually happens early in the morning and that can't really be put off. This should get her up and getting ready to go. Help her gather her clothes, call her a cab or do whatever you have to do. After all, you're in a rush to get to bed to sleep that hangover off.

Mention that you have plans with your parents or that someone important is coming over and that you have to get ready early. Let's hope that she's not clingy and invites herself to meet your family, that's just simply scary. Run!

Mention that you have an important appointment and can't reschedule.

These three excuses are important things that can't be left or changed, and even if you do have work but plan on not going, don't tell her this if you want her gone. Wouldn't you rather call in sick and lounge around in bed hung-over on your own rather than have some random girl that you don't even know hanging around anyway?

The worst thing that you can do is tell her that your plans, whatever they may be, are for later on during the day. The point of getting her out of your house in the morning is to get her out of there fast, right? Don't give her the opportunity, do something RIGHT now! And make sure that you spend the rest of the night completely on your own.