The Window Cleaner


I've had my regular round in Luton for many years, I knew the houses and my clients or at least I thought I did until yesterday. It was when I came to my final house of the day I realised the occupants were very much at home and gave me the most unforgettable moment which I hope will be repeated.

I started on the master bedroom when I realised I could see a lot of movement coming from the huge circular bed that was raised on a small dias. This couple had just moved in and as I peered further I could see they had made quite a lot of alterations one of which included a very professional restraint kit to which the female was tied to and attached from the ceiling. Every part of her was exposed and I found myself transfixed by the scene in front of me. I could see him licking the wet folds of a very puffy and juicy slit, he darted in and out with his tongue as she wriggled about in her restraints. Meanwhile I could see the size of his cock just inches from her bee stung mouth, she was panting and gapping longing to taste the salty cum of his cock.

At that moment with the feeling of being watched she saw me and gave a little squeal, I thought I was about to be thrown off the ladder, until she beckoned me in through an open side of the window. My cock was already hard at the scene I had been watching so to actually go into the room and smell the musty heady scent of sex was intoxicating. Once in the room I was instructed to remove my clothing and I wasted no time in doing so.

He then decided she had sucked cock long enough and he was ready to plunge it into her hot and dripping snatch. I was transfixed as he brought her to climax and she came with toe curling pleasure at the same time his buttocks clenched as his sack drained his seed into her. By now my hand was already working my hardened cock up and down, I was desperate for some action when the man instructed me clean her pussy.

This pussy had been teasing me for nearly an hour now and I couldn't wait to taste her juices, now they were mingled with his fluid I didn't care as I clamped my mouth onto that gorgeous slit and sucked. She tasted divine as I lapped up the products of their lust. I was rock hard and once I had cleaned her out I didn't even wait to be asked to fuck her I decided I was plunging in and filling her with my meaty cock. I yanked the restraint so she was positioned even higher with her puckered pink daisy clearly on display and her used snatch still open I fucked her suddenly and hard.

I was busy thrusting in and out of her making her juices drip all over again when I felt something slippery being rubbed down the crack of my arse followed by a pushing sensation. Before it had chance to register the man pushed his shaft deep into my rectum. I winced at the initial pain which then gave way to pleasure, it was my first time that another man had penetrated me and although I'm not gay I wanted this guy to spill his load deep inside me. The three of were fucking with gusto, she was yanking on her restraints and I decided I would quite like to shoot my load into her sweet little ass. I switched holes using our juices as lubricant and stuck my manhood as deep and hard as I could pushing her tight ring to bursting. The three of us were all taking it up the arse and enjoying every minute. At the moment of the most intense orgasm I had ever had, the man shot his load into me, his thick hot fluid filling my backside with warmth and pleasure whilst I had unloaded myself into her.

We undid the restraint system and collapsed into a heap and took breath spending the whole afternoon fucking in every way possible. We all agreed it had been the very best afternoon for a long time.