How to Escape a One Night Stand Before the One Night Stand

You've been checking out this sexy woman online and have finally agreed to meet up with her for a one night stand. Sounds perfect, right? The only problem is, that when she shows up, she looks nothing like her pictures and the last thing you want to do is have sex with her. You need an escape plan! Quick! Think!

... Or perhaps use some of these ideas!

There are several escape routes for you to use when you need to just get out of there, whether it be right after you've cum or after you made that big mistake that no one should ever know about.

Be prepared, know where you are going for your session and never, ever, make it at your house, for the sole purpose of escaping! Sure, it's convenient, but it will be really hard for you to get her to leave if you want to avoid seeing her again. Then, after you awkwardly let her realise that there's no way that you're going to actually sleep with her and you get her out of your flat, do you really want her to know where you live? Exactly! Moving on...

It sounds epic and looks even better in the movies, but slipping out of a bathroom window is simply just not realistic, plus, those things are usually pretty tiny so good luck with that! You're going to get stuck, not only in the window, but stuck in a sticky situation but not quite the one you were originally hoping for!

If you're meeting in public, show up late for the date, but don't really show up late. Confused? Go on time so you can suss her out before actually walking into the meeting place and seeing her, or rather, letting her see you. This gives you an amazing advantage and the opportunity to flee if she doesn't look like the sexy babe in the pictures she sent you earlier that day.

Have a dummy plan with a friend. Sounds cheesy, but make sure you arrange for a friend call you a little while into the date with an "emergency" just in case you desperately want to get out of there.

The best escape route yet which is completely fool proof is to completely start scratching yourself violently down below. She won't want more than she bargained for, that's for sure. Just hope and pray that you will never see her again, or worse, have mutual friends so you can't escape her!