Escorts and Domination

Many of us have a kinky side and fantasize about being dominated by a strict mistress. Whether it is a little mild spanking or full on BDSM, it is often something we are too afraid to discuss with our partners in case they think we are perverted. So apart from watching porn and getting off watching others participate, how else can you fulfill these naughty fantasies? Call on a dominatrix escort! For little over a hundred pounds you can be teased, tied and tortured in an hour of unadulterated fun.

Have you been a naughty boy lately? Do you crave some female punishment? Well if you are ready to submit and obey then choose your beautiful mistress. It is definitely best to speak to your dominatrix escort before your booking. You will need to discuss your limits and how far you are willing to go. If you have a partner or wife you may want to ask her not to leave marks if she whips or canes you. You should always agree on a safe word, respected by the both of you. If one person says the word, the other person must stop immediately. This stops things from going too far.

You may want her to tie you up and treat you like a slave, forcing you to obey her every command. You may have to worship her feet or lick her wherever she tells you to do so. Good behavior will be rewarded and you will be punished for disobedience. You should call her miss unless instructed to do so otherwise and always say please and thank you when speaking to her.

If you are usually the man about the house and quiet macho, this kind of activity can be a real release of pressure. It is great to not have to worry about anything other than pleasing your dominatrix escort and obeying her. You surrender all control and submit to her, which can make a refreshing change from your usual role.

The dominatrix escorts are confident, controlling and intimidating and remain in character for the entire appointment. They take their work seriously and don't tolerate clients who are not taking it seriously and don't appreciate time wasters.

Don't be scared to explore this side of sex. Introduce yourself to it slowly and tell your escort that you are just a beginner. She won't be too hard on you as she works out how much pain you can take. If you choose to see her on a regular basis you can ask her to train you by increasing your limits, and pushing your boundaries on every visit.

It is usually the mature escorts that are the best when it comes to domination. They have plenty of experience and are usually much stricter than the younger London escorts who often see it as a bit of fun. Choose a London escort that has all the necessary equipment needed, for the services you are looking for. So book a dominatrix escort today and tell her just how naughty you have been.