Escorts in Notting Hill are Simply the Best

In the West of London is where you will find Notting Hill. Made famous by Hugh Grant and Julia Roberts in the 1999 British Romcom. It is an expensive part of London and although not really a tourist area is definitely worth a visit especially in the summer.

Booking Notting Hill escorts couldn't be easier. There are many glamorous girls to choose from. Curvy, ebony, kinky, whatever you fancy, all to have a great time with, However The best time of year to go is at the end of August. The weather should be nice and you can catch the Notting Hill carnival.

Set over two days the carnival brings a West Indian vibe to London and millions of people descend for the U.UK's biggest street party. Loud music, bright costumes, and amazing home cooked West Indian food really puts you in a party mood. Why not book a West Indian Notting Hill escort so you can really appreciate the culture! You can drink all day and wander around listening to all the different sound systems blasting reggae, dance hall and r&b. This is not the place for wall flowers, dance in the street with your Notting Hill escort and chat to other party goers. There are loads of after parties you can go to where you can drink and dance into the early hours.

Once the party is over and the streets have been cleaned up why not take a stroll down Portobello Road and enjoy the stalls on Portobello market. Here you can find some lovely gifts and all sorts of little knick knacks and antiques. Treat your Notting Hill escort to a little gift to remind her of the time you have spent together.

There are some great bars in Notting Hill all catering to the more up market customer. You will find some lovely little wine bars and caf├ęs where you can sit outside and enjoy the atmosphere whilst watching the world go by. Have a few drinks with your Notting Hill escort and chat about all the things you have in common.

Once back at your home or hotel get ready for a purely pleasurable experience. Let your Notting Hill escort take you to places you have never been before. Get sweaty between the sheets and really let off some steam. After a hot steamy session why not jump in the shower together to cool off? As you feel the cool water trickling over your naked bodies it will probably excite you enough for round two. The Notting Hill escorts have enough stamina to last all night so don't burn yourself out straight away! They love foreplay so make sure you incorporate this into the fun. Touch and tease your Notting Hill escort and make sure she is enjoying herself just as much as you are.

So if you are planning on visiting Notting Hill for the carnival celebrations or for any other reason make sure you book a Notting Hill escort for when you arrive to really make the most of your experience.